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Dev Blog 26.8.2016 - Laizerox

Hey everyone! Its last friday of the month and its time for another dev blog!

In this blog we will go through what we've been doing this month on a team level and explain what we're gonna work on in future.

So as everyone knows we've released full Karazhan and we've been really busy preparing it even though it was delayed due to personal issues of...

  • Hello everyone, I would just like to let everyone know that we will launch Kara and S1 with 1 day delay on Sunday. There was some unpredictable IRL stuff for one of our team members, and we didn't want to launch before going to bed.
  • Hey Everyone,

    I am posting a release schedule for Stonetalon/Wildhammer realms.

    1) Sat August 20th - Complete Karazhan Release (All Bosses) + PvP Season 1 Start - (Stonetalon and WIldhammer)

    2) Saturday Sept 3rd - Complete Gruul's Lair Release (All Bosses) - (Stonetalon)

    3) Saturday Sept 17th - Complete Magtheridon's Lair Release - (Stonetalon and Wildhammer)

    The exact time of the patch release will be announce just prior to each date but these release dates are solid confirmed dates for anyone who still cares.

    Thank you and I will see you on each of the release dates.
  • I would just like to clear up any misconceptions players may have. The Heroic Dungeon releases are Pre-Nerf Difficulty.

    This means you will have a significant challenge in doing all Heroics.

    I have opened JIRA reports for each dungeon so players can have a single reporting point to report all issues so the Dev team can address them.

    Thank You.
  • Hey everyone,

    Currently part of our infrastructure is under DDoS Attack. We are working to mitigate it.

    We will let you know once we are running smooth again.

    Thank you for your patience.
  • Hello dear community!

    I've decided that starting this Friday I will try to write every last months Friday a development blog about our development to make sure everyone in the community is up to date of what's going on behind scenes.

    For past a few months we've been busy with our lives mostly, we've been spending time with our families on our vacations and what not Killerwife got a job for summer until he gets back to university if I remember this correct.

    But with all the limited available time we've still been able to do development, despite our nagging wifes or girlfriends and attention seeking kids.

    On the database front X-Savior and Devildog4355 have been working on Heroics and backporting data from UDB to make our child TBC-DB on par with UDB (WoTLK DB). The process Devildog4355 is doing is manual, he has to check for every creature, gameobject for waypoints and their internal ids and if they don't match he has to correct them. One UDB Updatepack can contain from 6k lines of stuff up to 10k.

    The work Devildog4355 is doing is really important since many of the issues, zones and quests have been fixed in UDB but never ported to TBC-DB and thanks to his input and iron nerves he's able to improve your experience over time.

    X-Savior has been working really hard on Heroics and first Hellfire heroics will be released for this weekend, the work X-Savior has to do it cross reference with our own sniffs, videos we've got and database that things, links are indeed proper and of course pre-nerfing them. X-Savior also been addressing JIRA Tickets related to Hellfire heroics / dungeons in this process and was able to fix a few encounters, but they still may require core support so they could appear bugged.

    Maximus recently had a girl and he's been working hard at his work since their company is releasing a product, but on top of that he has been able to devote some time to our development. Maximus is working on set of tools for entire team (DB Team mostly) to work on database and database scripts much easier and faster, as well as analyzation tools for "pools" for example. His tool is able to extract all vein / herb data from database and represent them on map in his application as well as run simulations when someone picks them where they could spawn and so on. The tool is still under construction but when it's finished we will be able to refine herb, vein, chest, creature pooling in a lot more convenient way than ever before.

    Killerwife has been really busy with his life and new job. But even being tired after day of hard work or chopping wood he's been able to work on spell scripting engine, a few quest scripts, polishing Nightbane and maintaining our core repository in sync with cmangos repository. He has also been investigating with Warl some of the exploits and he's been working on solution to fix them and some have been fixed, for example the combustion exploit which wasn't really documented in our JIRA but thanks to Warl's detective skills he was able to figure out whats the exploit.

    Neo2003 has been busy with life also and especially his family. But he has been able to prepare a new version of MMAPs and VMAPs which we haven't yet enabled on our realms. MMAP is responsible for path finding and new set of maps are more precise than the old set, VMAP is responsible for collision (line of sight) checking and proper z-axis calculation. Neo2003 figured out that VMAPs don't ignore "non-collision" flags (usually lightning reflection in 3D objects) and could cause issues with line of sight, z-axis but also path finding calculations because MMAPs rely on VMAPs data. So said when PTR is running you will be able to test out the new VMAP/MMAP set.

    Laizerox (I) have been working on various things. For start I've been rewriting damage / healing bonus calculation which will fix all Librams for example. I have also been investigating into caster AI of why they break under heavy load and I've come to conclusion that map processing is slow. After more investigation I ended rewriting parts of map updates, optimizing it and I achieved results of six times faster map updating when maps are fully loaded with active creatures that represent players (kind of simulation). I've also been playing with a feature of "far objects". This said in future updates you will be able to see Fel Reaver in hellfire at maximum client allowed distance. But that's not all this far object thing also fixed Infernal fireballs falling from sky during Prince encounter. So now they're visible also.

    Power2All has been important asset when he joined us. He's been providing us backup servers for database, logon and other various stuff. He's also been working with X-Savior on reworking our whole infrastructure that we always keep improving. Power2All has also been working a lot on our future website and services. He's been writing API and IRC bot for our staff to manage tickets / issues we can do from IRC through bot. Upcoming website will also share the API and this API will allow easy access to character database thus we will be able to create armory using angular or react with Symfony2. However depsite all of this Power2All has hard time currently. According to himself he has a depression going on at the moment after his contract in old company he worked ended, unexpectedly. So while he's looking for job he's also doing all he can to help us.

    During this month we've had a few players helping is out either privately with us or they've been contributing back to cmangos. During future updates we will see their work also included for example completely rewritten coefficients and threat scaling.

    That's it for now and I hope you've enjoyed reading this.

    Sincerely, Lead Developer Laizerox.

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