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Advertising Vengeance - Killerwife

Hello everyone,

We are now on the way to T5 and it is time to start advertising our scripts. Anyone who has time/energy/hdd space can help make videos
of VoA unique scripts. I would suggest anyone who does to bookmark this post, as I will update it as we go.

For now I would like to exclude karazhan and Magtheridon, because as...

  • Yo,

    Sundays patch introduced many crash sources as a result of pulling public cMaNGOS changes. They introduced a few crashes we have all fixed but one. I advise everyone to hunker down until its fixed, to prevent any ongoing frustration or jump on the realm and go crazy about reproducing crash. Currently we are trying to avoid having to revert some of sundays changes. If anyone is able to reproduce the crash, you have a go ahead and let us know immediately.


    PS: raid regressions have been fixed, so kara should be good to go once again, magth will get more love tomorrow
  • Daily update at 13:00 CET releases Magtheridon's Lair. Happy hunting.

    Small sidenote: I tried to fix most issues that I had reported, but as the last test was done by 11 people, expect a few mishaps. We will be right on it though. Fall of Magtheridon quest will be fixed as soon as possible.
  • Happy to announce we deployed Gruul's Lair and are chugging away nicely. Two more weeks :)
  • Hello everyone, I would just like to let everyone know that we will launch Kara and S1 with 1 day delay on Sunday. There was some unpredictable IRL stuff for one of our team members, and we didn't want to launch before going to bed.
  • Hey Everyone,

    I am posting a release schedule for Stonetalon/Wildhammer realms.

    1) Sat August 20th - Complete Karazhan Release (All Bosses) + PvP Season 1 Start - (Stonetalon and WIldhammer)

    2) Saturday Sept 3rd - Complete Gruul's Lair Release (All Bosses) - (Stonetalon)

    3) Saturday Sept 17th - Complete Magtheridon's Lair Release - (Stonetalon and Wildhammer)

    The exact time of the patch release will be announce just prior to each date but these release dates are solid confirmed dates for anyone who still cares.

    Thank you and I will see you on each of the release dates.

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