Official Rules of VengeanceWoW

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Official Rules of VengeanceWoW

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Official Rules of VengeanceWoW

We reserve the right modify these rules at any time without prior notification.

Punishments for violating these rules can be seen in more detail here.

General behavior

The official language of the server is English. However, VengeanceWoW is an international community; if you wish to communicate in your own language, feel free to do so in whisper, party, or guild chat, but please use English in public chat channels (Trade or Looking for Group).

Advertising, trolling and spamming

Advertising of other servers or services is not permitted on Stonetalon or VengeanceWoW IRC, Discord, /r/vengeancewow, or forums. Spamming, flaming, or trolling against VengeanceWoW staff or community members is not permitted. Offenders will be subject to temporary or permanent suspension.

You may be forced to change your character or guild name if it is deemed offensive by other players or staff. Enforcement of this rule is largely left to individual GM discretion. Names which contain or reference religious/racial/ethnic slurs are not allowed.

Account sharing, trading, and selling

Sharing is acceptable, but any form of account selling or trading is strictly prohibited. If you are caught attempting to trade/sell your character, then the account may be subject to permanent termination.

Impersonation of a staff member

Impersonating a VengeanceWoW staff member is prohibited. Actions considered impersonation of a staff member include:
  • Using similar names as a member of the staff
  • Claiming to be a member of the staff in-game, on VengeanceWoW IRC, Discord, /r/vengeancewow, or forums

Cheats, bots, hacks

If you suspect someone is using cheats, hacking, or botting, you should report the player in question to a Game Master immediately. If possible, obtain video or screenshots of the alleged incident.

VengeanceWoW has a zero-tolerance policy on cheating, hacking, and botting. If a player is found to be using a third party tool to automate or modify gameplay, the account will be suspended permanently without the possibility of appeal.

Exploiting and bug abuse

If a player is found exploiting a game feature or bug on purpose, we reserve the right to remove any gained levels, items, gold, experience, or skill points. Your account could also be at risk of temporary or permanent suspension depending on the severity of the offense.

Unreleased Content

If any individual or guild accesses a boss or other content which shouldn't be available yet on Stonetalon based on current progression, we expect staff to be notified immediately. Engaging in this content or failure to notify staff may result in disciplinary action. We are more than happy to accommodate players willing to help test upcoming content on the PTR (not the live server).

Raid Recovery

Using any type of tactic to disconnect your character for the purpose of raid recovery is forbidden. Action will be taken for anyone observed doing it. It is an exploit.

World Bosses

No pulling with the intent to grief. If you are not able to legitimately pull the boss for attempt to kill, it is considered griefing. If a team grief pulls, those players responsible will receive a warning (even if it was accidental). If they continue to pull with intent to grief, a temporary ban will be given for 3h. Continuations of griefing will result in longer and more severe bans.

Dual-boxing / Multi-boxing

Players may run a maximum of two game clients at a time. Players are not allowed to participate in any form of PvP activity while multi-boxing; this includes open world encounters, arenas, and battlegrounds.

The use of any third party software to clone keystrokes or clicks between multiple game clients is prohibited. The only permitted method of multi-boxing on VengeanceWoW is manually controlling two characters at once.
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