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getting re-started

Post#1 » Mon Nov 05, 2018 6:58 pm


First of all i'd like to say i'm absolutely unsure if this question is in the proper section of the forums and feel free to move it or tell me where I should move it if it's not. Secondly, I looked over the forums and searched any relevant section I could think of for a previous answer but could find none; once again, I apologize if the answer is indeed out there and I simply didn't search properly.

Here's a little backstory : I used to play here when this server first release (to my knowledge at least) around 2015. I was among the first wave and back then leveled from scratch a BE fire mage up to level 65. For multiple reasons I ended up having to stop playing but now as it turns out my sister has started playing here and found a nice little community and a very good quality of life. Now that I find myself with a bit more time and under a wave of nostalgia again, I've decided i'm gonna start playing here again.

My sister and her friends are playing alliance however. While there is now a mechanic for instant lvl 58 I wanted to know if there was any possibility for a faction change for existing character as I hold some silly pride on the whole leveled from level 1 in the early days thing. I looked over the forums but couldn't find any information on faction changes. Any information is welcomed, and rest assured I will most definitely still come back regardless of the answer, but I thought i'd at least ask ;)

P.S.: Kudos on a PvE server that offers an instant lvl 58 service with catch up vendors, you're the only one out there as far as I know and it's a much needed environment for people who enjoy TBC but dislike outdoors pvp and, as is often the case with pvp servers, griefers. I've played private servers for years now and always had to deal with this on the alliance which was often underplayed. It's also amazing to be able to have an outland startup as that's what is mostly relevant to TBC fans, and with all the private servers who opened and closed over the years, starting yet again from level has been, for me at least, a deterrent on some occasion when i wanted to join a new community. Really appreciate all the quality you guys are offering. :)

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