Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Post#1 » Sat Jan 14, 2017 5:22 pm

This is a list of some questions which we often receive from players on our server.
If there's anything you can't find here, please feel free to contact a staff member on Discord or IRC.

1. What is VengeanceWoW?

VengeanceWoW is a community of gamers who love the original versions of World of Warcraft.
Our ultimate goal is to create an absolutely authentic, progressive replication of the first expansion pack for the game, The Burning Crusade. We also strive to provide a friendly and supportive environment for our players.

2. What does VengeanceWoW offer over other emulation projects?

The Vengeance team has many years of experience building on and improving World of Warcraft emulation. Our contributors consist of some of the original and long-term developers from open source projects such as MaNGOS, CMaNGOS, TBC-DB, ScriptDev2, and ACID.

We want to offer our players the very best nostalgic gaming experience possible. We're not interested in simply forcing something work with minimal effort. Instead, we attempt to mirror much of the incredible detail that the Blizzard developers poured into WoW.

We are enthusiasts. We don't do this for money or notoriety - this is our hobby.

3. Will your servers shut down over time like most others?

No, we are here to stay.

4. Does VengeanceWoW have any bugs?

As is the case for all private server projects, you are likely to encounter bugs at some point in your journey.
We encourage all players to report issues they find to us using our JIRA bug tracker.

In-game tickets will almost never receive a GM response. All support is handled in Discord, so go there if you require immediate assistance. Please do not report gameplay bugs in Discord or IRC - this is what the bug tracker is for.

Please be assured that anything you report in the bug tracker will be viewed by a developer eventually, even if it is at a much later date. We always try to prioritize what we're working on in terms of importance and severity. No issue will be closed/resolved on the bug tracker until it has been thoroughly researched, implemented, and tested.

The pursuit of perfection is a passion shared by both our players and staff members.

Many of our community members have proved to be invaluable assets by providing detailed reports and research to us. Because of this, we have enabled a special set of commands for all players, normally reserved for GMs only:

  • .guid - Use this to display the id # of a particular creature in the world. This is a foolproof method of identifying an individual creature which has a problem.
  • .gps - Displays the target's (or the player if no target selected) exact X, Y, Z, O coordinates in the world. Sometimes it can be much more straightforward to run this command and check your current position rather than trying to describe the location using landmarks or simple Cartographer coordinates. If you find a bugged resource node, this is a good tool to use to communicate to the developers where to find it.
  • .dist - Calculates how far you are away from the current target. An example of where this could be used is to debug and test issues involving cast range of certain spells.

5. Do I need a specific World of Warcraft version to play on your server?

Yes, you are required to have version 2.4.3 to play The Burning Crusade on Stonetalon.

6. If I already have a 2.4.3 client, how can I play on your server?

Just follow the steps provided in our Getting Started guide to configure your client.

7. Do I need to register on the website to play on the server?

Yes, we have an integrated system - your website login is also your in-game login.

8. Can I make donations to help pay for server operating costs?

We do not currently accept any form of donations. Server operating costs are already covered for the foreseeable future. All you need to worry about is enjoying your time here!

9. What is your cheating policy?

We have a strict zero-tolerance policy for hacking and botting. Stonetalon is equipped with an active anti-cheat system.
If you break this rule, you could be banned without any warning and it will be irreversible.

10. What is multi-boxing and what is your policy?

Multi-boxing is when a player uses more than one client/account at the same time.

You may play a maximum of 2 accounts at a time.

You may not queue for battlegrounds/arenas or be the aggressor in a world PvP combat situation.

It is largely left to an individual GM's discretion to determine whether behavior of a multi-boxing player is acceptable, as this type of playstyle is fairly rare.

11. What is your policy on HK/Win-trading?

Honorable kill trading and win-trading in the arena is prohibited on Stonetalon. Violations may result in a temporary or permanent ban, depending on the severity of the offense. Rewards obtained as a result of such trading will be forfeited.

11. Are there any rules about world boss interference?

No pulling with the intent to grief. If you are not able to legitimately pull the boss for attempt to kill, it is considered griefing. If a team grief pulls, those players responsible will receive a warning (even if it was accidental). If they continue to pull with intent to grief, a temporary ban will be given for 3h. Continuations of griefing will result in longer and more severe bans.

Good luck, adventurers!
Please Report All Bugs On JIRA Tracker:

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