Beginner's Guide to World of Warcraft!

Everything you need to start playing on Vengeancewow!

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Beginner's Guide to World of Warcraft!

Post#1 » Sat Jan 14, 2017 5:25 pm

Hello, Adventurer!

New to the World of Warcraft? Worry not! We have made a guide what will teach you the basics you might need to start playing World of Warcraft!

In-Game Help System

If you are new to the game, we recommend you take advantage of the in-game help system. By clicking on the flashing exclamation mark icon that appears at the bottom of your screen, you can learn about the basic elements of the game such as starting quests, initiating combat, and training your character.


*If you have any questions about anything on your interface, hold your mouse over the item to bring up a tooltip with information on the relevant item.
*To move in the game world, use the arrow keys or the WASD keys on your keyboard. You can adjust your character's view by using your mouse.
*If you encounter an object, monster, or character that you can interact with, your mouse pointer will turn into an icon that will indicate that you can do so.
*To select an object, monster, or character, left-click it. To interact with it, right-click it.

Logging in & Creating Your Character

After you have created your account, you can enter the game and begin playing. At the log in screen, enter the account name and password that you chose when you created your account.
Once you log in and select your realm, you can create a character for yourself by choosing your race, appearance, and class.
The first step in creating your character is choosing his or her race, gender, and class.
You can customize various aspects of your character's appearance. All characters have selectable hairstyles, hair colors, and skin colors. Other features such as facial markings, earrings, horns, and facial hair are specific to certain race and gender combinations.
The name you choose will represent you to everyone you meet in Azeroth, so choose wisely!
Once you've picked your name, your character will be ready to begin his or her adventuring career. Click the "Enter World" button to enter the World of Warcraft!


Horde vs. Alliance

In the world of Azeroth, the Horde and the Alliance are opposing factions locked in a struggle for control of the land - and neither side is backing down. Horde and Alliance players can battle each other, but they are unable to group together, trade, or even talk to each other. Thus, if you wish to play with your friends, make sure you select races that belong to the same faction.


A Note on Dying

It is more than likely that at some point in your adventuring career, your character will meet an untimely demise. However, in World of Warcraft character death has no lasting consequences. You will immediately be able to release your spirit as a ghost, at which point you will be transported to a nearby graveyard. As a ghost, you must run back to the vicinity of your corpse to revive yourself. Your minimap will display an arrow pointing towards your corpse, as well as back towards the graveyard if you get lost.


Running into Problems

If you need assistance at any time while you are in the game, do not hesitate to contact the VengeanceWoW team or other players of our server on our Discord channel!
*Guide how to join our Discord channel -> Click here!

Good luck, Adventurer! We hope this helped you!
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