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[Alliance]<Heroes of Terenas>

Post#1 » Sat Aug 12, 2017 5:56 pm

Greetings Vengeance on Azeroth Community,

I have recently started up my own Guild <Heroes of Terenas> on Stonetalon. The purpose is to create a fun community of players who like to level, be social, run dungeons, and hopefully get to 70 and run 10-man raids.

The history of the Guild goes far beyond this project. Starting originally on Terenas US (Retail) back in 2004, after moving from Vanilla >TBC>WotLK, Many Hardcore raiders retired to other games, while the guild remained on Retail as a casual guild.

I had moved from retail to Private Sector taking a few friends with me. I still play retail, but on a casual level, and much of the guild is in retirement. On the Private Sector, Heroes of Terenas started up on a Vanilla 1x Project called "The Rebirth". We eventually started over on a Vanilla 1x Server called Emerald Dream, which eventually was adopted into the Wow-One (Feenix) Project. The guild Progressed through MC/ONY/BWL and awaited AQ, but due to poor quality of the project, the guild decided to move to Nostalrius which had recently opened up. Nostalrius PvE was released after which the guild Transfered to. After the unfortunate Shut Down of Nostalrius, many guild members either quit or moved to the 1x Vanilla "Kronos" Server which is apart of TwinStar project. I took a break for a bit, and was recruited by a Rival to start on Elysium Wow. (1x PvP server)
Eventually Elysium has gotten merged with Nostalrius and we got our toons back and lost the old Elysium toons. We started back on Nostalrius PvP & Nostalrius PvE, which later got Renamed to Anathema & Darrowshire.

Currently, the Guild is active on both, but primarily on Darrowshire PvE. I have gotten a few to join VoA but due to low pop (depsite this awesome community) they have all left. I recently opened recruitment to VoA members to attempt to rebuild and enjoy the TBC experience with you. Keep in mind, No other former HoT members are here but me, but I do plan to make this a small 10-man guild opened for all to join. who knows we might become something greater.

We have a website, Facebook Page, a voice chat (discord), & Facebook Group.
The Website mostly used for the Vanilla Players, but feel free to log-in to our Discord: https://discord.gg/JJWmGvT
the website info is also there.

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Re: [Alliance]<Heroes of Terenas>

Post#2 » Tue Aug 15, 2017 5:33 am

Good luck! And it's always nice to see people stepping up and doing something to try and promote activity!

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