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Spell Hit discussion

Post#1 » Fri Apr 07, 2017 1:22 pm

Hit cap is something that we should all strive to reach before raiding and I thought I would start a discussion here for mages in particular since I think this information is useful to newbies and I also have some questions that I would like some help on.

What follows is what I believe the correct way to calculate spell hit based on my experience on retail, feenix, and wildhammer. I would appreciate any corrections if I am wrong in some of these points. I also looked at a couple references:


  • TBC hit cap at max level is 17% (i.e. you have an 83% chance to hit a raid boss at 70 with zero +hit, however that last one percent is unmitigateable.
  • This means that the actual achievable hit cap in TBC is 16%.
  • For alliance, if you have a Draeni in your party you receive an additional +1% chance to hit due to the Draeni racial ability "inspiring presence." I think its fair to assume for alliance players to always have a Draeni in your group, so now the practical hit cap drops to 15% (As far as i can tell, "inspiring presence" does not show in your character screen so you you have to manually add that 1% to whatever your gear calculation is)
  • The talent "elemental precision" in the frost tree grants an additional 1% chance to hit per level (for a max of three percent) which means that mages with 3 points in EP have an additional 3% free +hit and lowers their cap to 12%. EP bonus will not show in the character screen which means that between EP and inspiring presence you will need a grand total of 12% +hit from your gear to reach hit cap (13% for horde)
  • One of the questions I still have is how "ghost hit" works on this server currently. See http://www.wowhead.com/forums&topic=196 ... -ghost-hit but basically ghost hit was a bug in retail TBC where frostbolts got double +hit from EP and therefore frost mages could get +6% hit from talents and only need 9% hit to reach cap. I couldn't find any info in patch notes or JIRA on ghost hit (the only thing i found was a cryptic reply from a developer on hit issues in JIRA that "spell hit was completely revamped") I think based on my limited testing that Ghost hit is not a thing but I am curious if anyone else knows anything about ghost hit on stonetalon.

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