Development update 12/08/2018

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Development update 12/08/2018

Post#1 » Sun Aug 12, 2018 5:41 pm

Time to break the usual post-content silence. What have we been up to and what’s to come?

VOA and cmangos staff have been hard at work with the database release for both our internal database and the tbc-db public TBC
repository. The fact that it is the last maintained open-source TBC database is not a statement to be taken lightly.

This release contains 2.5 years of work, since January 2016 when X-Savior did the internal VOA DB release, and I did the external DB
release in January 2017. With the database release comes over 400 commits exported to all the core repositories of cmangos. Players know
even with all these numbers, we are still not close to achieving a blizzlike experience, but we will persevere. Exports will continue,
but a bit later. We encourage everyone to contribute.

Now onto VOA and what we have been doing:

Recently, I did a full revamp of the Yor summoning questline, which has been the most broken piece of content to date in TBC. We have
been investigating, finding, and fixing regressions, and we continue working on fixing issues that have always existed. The time between
content releases ends up being a lot of small work on assortments of issues and this trend will likely continue through August.

What is next for us?

The 2.1 experience wasn't without hitches, but all in all it was the biggest content release on VOA. Hyjal was a success and it was the
least bug-ridden release for us so far, and we managed to release very close to our initial goal release date.

We are about to encounter the challenging times now, because in 2.1 blizzard made the "great purge" of TBC client data and started obfuscating a lot more than before. This already impacted Skettis and Netherwing, but we were able to recreate them to a reasonable level
of detail nonetheless. We will do what we can in Black Temple, but we will no doubt encounter some problems.

Content wise, 2.1 patch is missing 3 things:
1. Ogri'la
2. Swift Flight Form questline
3. Black Temple

Ogri'la is the worst out of the trio of daily hubs and will require a lot more attention. Once the respawn of the target zones is done,
we will start a staggered release of quests as fast as possible. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a timeline on this, but we hope to
begin work on it in September.
The Ogri’la hub has a few specific mechanics, like the Simon game and the Fel Cannons that might potentially suck up a great deal of
development time. Also, there is the Bash'ir event, which needs to be done if we want to be respectable. Ogri'la being 100% done this
year is our goal, and we’ll do our best to achieve it.

Swift Flight Form questline is mostly working from Wildhammer days. The data for the quests has been lost, and we will hopefully validate
them against some old videos. As for Anzu, we were lucky enough to find wotlk-agre data, and we will have the boss with all the pre-Cata
bells and whistles. Anzu is expected to be the only serious rework required for this quest. We cannot push this questline out yet,
however, because it depends on Ogri'la spawns. Once those spawns are done, you can expect this questline to roll out shortly on live.

And then there is that main thing on the menu you all are probably interested in: Black Temple.

The last quest in the attunement questline is the only remaining quest to be scripted. This script is not trivial, but its perfection is
not critical, so that is not a major roadblock. Hopefully we will have this completed in September. After that, we will begin BT boss
development. Trash has been done by developers outside of the VOA staff to a reasonable degree, and only the AI needs to be completed for

We can't give an ETA for Black Temple, but like most of the big content releases, it will release over time. The start launch will
definitely have Naj'entus, Supremus and Akama, since they are not complicated mechanically, and I have already done some work on
Naj'entus and Supremus during downtime.

While we will be focused on Black temple, we also want to dedicate some time to busted old content. Very recently I reviewed Moroes, and
there are still a handful critical bosses that were never brought up to our standards. Also, there is a more important project on which
work doesn't start until at least next month. I am personally working on removing a huge cesspool in the spell targeting, which has been
causing us all headaches.

For those who enjoy development for cmangos, look in cmangos Spell::FillTargetMap and you will understand immediately what I am trying to
achieve. Fixing this will immensely improve scripting time, since a lot of spells use weird targeting.

So, this is the goal for the balance of 2018. We did not forget about Mind Control on players; a lot of work has been done on this front,
but some systems need to be easier to work with before its rolled out properly. If all goes well, we will be well into Black Temple by
the end of the year.

We look forward to playing with you soon.

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