Development update 28.11.2018

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Development update 28.11.2018

Post#1 » Thu Nov 29, 2018 8:33 am

We have very recently released Ogri'la, as you very well know. Our last outstanding issue, the fel flak cannon is being worked on as we speak, which opens us up for different content. We would like to highlight our roadmap going forward, and what things we have in store in the coming few months.

To start it off, currently we are preparing a round of exports to cmangos, and its going to be on our plate for propably one more week. We have planned a release of content that is already sufficiently refined on our realm, and won't need any more attention, so for those interested, stay tuned for that.

Next, we are currently working on two fronts. You might've noticed that we released cooking and fishing dailies, out of the blue. Considering that BT, MgT and SWP had trash redone by a fine gentleman called Malcrom in cmangos, we are now able to focus on multiple things at the same time. Just before I started exports I started working on Black Temple. I have been able to review 3 bosses as of right now, High Warlord Naj'entus, Shade of Akama and Teron Gorefiend, and Qingle made some initial work on Supremus, on which my attention is needed currently. When I resume my duties after exports, I plan to jump on top of Supremus, and then the 4 bosses will be coming to a PTR near you as soon as possible in December. Our definitive goal is to release these 4 bosses on Stonetalon during December. In regards to the other bosses, it's hard to judge how much time we will spend refining these, so until these bosses are on live, we will focus on those. We don't plan to go on any Black Temple boss releasing hiatus, like we used to during T5 development. As a result, we will hopefully chain these bosses as we go, until we reach our penultimate goal of Illidan Stormrage.

The second front I was mentioning, is patch 2.3 preparations. Upon analysis of patch 2.3, it contains 4 important things:
1. Cooking Daily - already released
2. Dungeon and Heroic Dailies - already released
3. Mudsprocket and Dustwallow Marsh improvements
4. Zul'Aman
Going in order, points 1. and 2. are already taken care of. Point 3. is planned for short review as we go. It might not be a key feature to most people, but we do wish to provide these quests to levellers nonetheless. Some quests were already fixed up last year, and no unexpected delays will be presented by these quests. The key point here is 4. We were able to procure pre-Cataclysm data, in addition to the data we already had. As a consequence, MantisLord has already started development on Zul'Aman instance. The instance itself is not that bad off, and so far no very hard challenges have been presented. He is currently working on trash, which is very important in Zul'Aman due to the timed event. Hopefully by the end of December, we will have a clear view of the work needed to push out Zul'Aman. Due to this, we expect that the BT -> ZA will be the smallest content gap in our development history. I do not want to give any ETAs on Zul'Aman, since it is a big place, but so far the progress is quite nice.

But wait, there is more. We have laid out a small internal timeline on implementing some key features, which most of you propably know that still are missing. Whenever I will be taking a break from Black Temple, I plan to finalize my implementation of backpedaling of mobs and finally get around to implementing fanning. With all the changes to threat, combat and suppression, this should be the most noticeable change to tanking. Next, we have discovered that some mobs have negative resistances, and it has recently come to light that even TBC bosses have these vulnerabilities. That is another change that is soon™ to come. As for what we have planned for the not-so-near-future, we plan to rework targeting, which should mostly be invisible to players, if we do it right, but will greatly improve scripting ease. Next, we plan to iron out some outstanding bugs in dungeons and heroics. We were able to identify some issues in a recent review of all instances. This should close up our continual goal of going back and fixing them. The two important bosses are Black Stalker and Warbringer O'mrogg, which both have as of yet unimplemented mechanics. Lastly we plan to focus on some stale branches, which we were not able to close until now. This is composed of our 3 failings, finish of Leashing, finish of Mind Control AI for players and smooth movement for patrols. These 3 will be our main goals in terms of core development.

We are going into 2019 as strong as ever, and our goal is to bring you the most complete TBC experience, that we have been working on for 3.5 years now. Thanks to all those who helped get us here. Peace.

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