SymmetryWoW joins the Vengeance project, and more!

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SymmetryWoW joins the Vengeance project, and more!

Post#1 » Thu Dec 13, 2018 3:28 pm

Settle in! We have so much exciting news to tell you.

Killerwife has recently completed a large export to cmangos containing updates and fixes through all 2.0.3 including all T4 and T5 content. Why is this so exciting? It means that the end of the VengeanceWoW development cycle is finally in sight.

This means it's time to announce that the long-anticipated relaunch of a progressive VengeanceWoW TBC server is coming! It will be complete with all the scripting and improvements to foundational systems that have been worked on so hard over these last few years by the Vengeance team and cmangos contributing partners. The dedicated players of the Stonetalon, both past and present, also deserve a lot of thanks. They made up a significant portion of player testing and research, and we can't understate how important a part this played in development.

The coming Vengeance server - Stormspire - will truly be the work by the people and for the people. And part of this includes inviting some new friends to come play. Symmetry WoW decided this October to become a part of our project, and we welcome Patch warmly to the VengeanceWoW team!

We will be providing the announced progress through expansion experience from vanilla for the players of the Symmetry WoW realm. The relaunch will coincide with the end of Symmetry WoW's development cycle, anticipated sometime early this summer. Symmetry welcomes any players who want to enjoy vanilla progression through Naxxramus and become part of the PTE to Stormspire! To create an account and begin your journey today please visit to register.

We want to emphasize for those who may be concerned that Stonetalon's not going anywhere soon - there's work yet to be done, and Stonetalon is still our primary focus. Our team is doing preliminary tests on Black Temple boss scripting on the PTR right now, and we are aiming to have a portion of Black Temple content out live before the end of the year. Zul'Aman for Stonetalon is also in progress, and we have more polishing and after that, working on bugfixes in preparation for making the new deployment as perfect an experience as possible.

To this end, we are actively recruiting more staff. If you are a developer with experience in core or DB, or are a web dev with experience in vue and laravel, and you're interested in becoming part of the Vengeance project, please reach out to us on the Vengeance discord at in the #recruitment channel.

We thank the community for supporting this endeavour, and the tireless work of everyone who have helped make this possible. Enjoy your holidays, have a happy new year, and we will see you in the new year with more information!

- The Vengeance Team

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Re: SymmetryWoW joins the Vengeance project, and more!

Post#2 » Sat Dec 15, 2018 1:46 am

It is good to see when your 2 favorites private servers decide unite to make the best work possible.... Thank you Vengeance,thank you Symmetry...

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Re: SymmetryWoW joins the Vengeance project, and more!

Post#3 » Mon Dec 17, 2018 10:07 am

Amazing, I will spread the news!
I know this project is still on an early stage, but I think some questions are in place here:
- Will the new server be PVE/PVP?
- Are the XP rates x1?
- Will there be any quality of life improvements? I'm talking about the tedious aspects which repelled many players (eg. Honored key for heroic dungeons, auto-complete for bugged quests, etc)?
- Is there an estimated date for server live opening?

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