Development update 12.09.2019

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Development update 12.09.2019

Post#1 » Thu Sep 12, 2019 3:07 pm

Hello everyone,

it has been a while since we made one of these. Suffice to say we have been busy. In this post I would like to update you about 3 things:
1. What we did in the last couple of months
2. Update about Stormspire
3. What we are doing right now

1. What we did
In the last couple of months we focused on bringing out some content on Stonetalon for our last raiding guild. We managed to churn out Black Temple and Zul'Aman in its full glory as well as progress to patch 2.3. We were able to rework a lot of mechanics, recently some combat calculations, stealth, pickpocket and many more. We were able to thoroughly debug a lot of bossfights, and do a minor review of critical bosses, like Al'ar who is now a bit more prenerf than he used to be. All of this amounts to some bossfights being harder without doing any tuning, since there were a lot of small fixes. The full list is in the changelog section on discord.

2. Stormspire
There has been a bit of a silence since our initial announcement and it has been for various reasons. We were not able to fulfill the initial deadline, due to the amount of work being much greater, as is usual in wow-emu. Currently we are trying to hit a deadline in December, but more on that in part 3. There is still a lot of vagueness from Lights Hope end, and this is sadly not due to our lack of trying. We have been preparing everything else in the meantime, so that once the details are ironed out, we can focus on bringing all the required data up to snuff on our end. We will keep you posted once more info coalesces.

3. What we are doing right now
Right now we are implementing some critical changes that affect the whole world. The 3 main changes are Charm AI (mind control of players) which is already in its prototype stage and Warriors now use Heroic strike instead of just meleeing. Next is a combat and leashing rework, which needs to happen in order to fix some oddities, which generally plague outdoor gameplay. Third one is a split of account permissions, which is critical for having a team without any people creating unnecessary drama. All of us are also actively tuning classic content, which has so far amounted to more than 200 tweaks. We are also actively noting down missing things and that is pushing our (and cmangos) vanilla experience to much greater detail. In case someone wants to help with vanilla content development, head to where we are daily adding new missing things. We do not plan to stall stormspire by these vanilla bugs, but we do need our 3 main changes done before we can provide ANY schedule or teases. That being said, those are not the only things we will be working on. The next few months will be busy and we will be sure to provide an update once we know things for sure. We just think that with the coming of classic, we need to push ourselves to a new level, before we can be happy with our result.

PS: It's still closer than ever.

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