December Development Update

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December Development Update

Post#1 » Wed Jan 18, 2017 10:25 pm

Hello everyone,

As you are sure aware, at the end of the T4 release lifecycle I made an announcement about the future of our content.

For those impatient ones TL;DR is that T5 will not release at the start of December, but hopefully still this month (looking at week 3 at earliest at the moment).

Now onto what happened, why, and whats planned at the moment.

We had set many goals, that we would like to fulfill. Out of those we managed to fulfill many and also failed to do so with many.We successfully manage to deploy spell mods, plethora of class bug fixes, also a huge plethora of general fixes all over the world and so on.
Currently we are up to date with any open source cmangos database/core feature wise (1-2 things missing, but I will get to that)
This means that we managed to eliminate several years of stale TBC branch. This means we can provide up to date feedback to any creators on classic and wotlk branches. We also managed to fix up some (not all!) T4 bosses as we promised. And also we revised warlock mount event and Exorcism of Colonel Jules.

Now onto what we failed to do. We failed to revise whole attunement for T5 (although some quests got fixed through other efforts), we didnt manage to fix Into the Soulgrinder, and Seat of Socrethar quests, as already mentioned, we didnt manage to fixup mainly Moroes, Netherspite and Attumen. Also we didnt find enough time to remove one crucial hack on Magtheridon/Chess event that is absolutely vital for those two fights. And lastly, Darkmoon Faire is still pretty much WIP.

So what do we have and need to do before we can release at least one T5 boss?

Devildog4355 is already working on The Eye trash for half a month, and it will be done soon, or possibly shortly after week 2 of december.He will then move on to SSC and do the same for the whole dungeon. ( We are talking Movement, talking, gossips, abilities etc)
The eye bossfights are currently in a state so that if we fix Alar, we can immediately release void reaver and the Belf woman, which is definitely good news.
Also we still need to review attunement questline, and one of our members is working on Shattered Halls gauntlet for this very reason, since it is the biggest obstacle currently.

So why all these delays you ask? Three critical things happened:

1. I became the newly appointed tbc-db maintainer for public open source. So far I had to dedicate around 4 days towards this, and we have plans to make tbc-db public completely viable by the end of that year, for developers/small servers.
2. We had huge downtime in november due to me and laizerox investigating tick issue for 2 weeks straight. I am sure you all know
about the tick bugs we have been experiencing.
3. Prior to 2. happening, I made the decision to push for more class bugs than I shouldve. This ate all of my development time and I relied too heavily on our other team members, who in the end were not able to commit as much development time as I usually do.
4. I myself participated in a coding contest in Zagreb which meant I was preparing for it, + was away for some time.

Despite all these setbacks, I still think we went the right way. We managed to deploy a really useful XPBoost system, Warlockbugs made huge progress on refactoring Combat Calculations, and I managed to do some crucial exports for open source, which I still need to continue to do so for about a week before our public friends have all the tools they need.

So what is planned for December? I dare not plan ahead because a lot stuff currently is very complicated, since most easy things were already fixed.
1. Review the attunement questline and wait until Sneaky finishes Shattered Halls Gauntlet
2. Review The Eye Trash made by Devildog4355, and then transition to making SSC trash.
3. Rework of combat calculations and Heartbeat resist for PVP scenarios by Warlockbugs (this does affect Hydross(SSC) heavily)
4. Fix Al'ar, Void Reaver and Solarian and release them until the end of the year.
5. Continue fixing T4 bugs, namely Nightbane.
6. Continue exporting to open source at least until they are on par with March 2016 Vengeance in terms of Database and October 2016 of Core.
7. Continue improving classes so that we can provide an alternative in PVP to the other servers.

These are the main points on our agenda, hopefully we will meet our goals. Also we will likely continue our Horde XP boost before the holidays hit to prepare for hitting T5.

Also its not all doom and gloom. Our renewed public efforts seem to be attracting developers towards the mangos-tbc platform (our public counterpart in cmangos). We do currently have a new potential recruit who could speed up boss development considerably.
All in all, we made some really significant progress and will continue to do so, until we are able to. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Changelog will be postponed likely to next week, because I am currently busy IRL.
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