Tier 5 Development Update

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Tier 5 Development Update

Post#1 » Wed Jan 18, 2017 10:28 pm

Hello everyone,

We are working hard in order to honor our T5 announcement. I am writing this to provide you with an update and a bit more specific list of things that need to be done at this point.

So far we have finished WotlkDB backports (previously named UDB), and also proceeded to backport some ClassicDB fixes, which means vanilla world is getting some love as well.

SpellMods are a working prototype now and I myself will be rolling them out in the next week or so.
We have been squaring away general JIRA issues as we go, closed a few issues completely, added some fixes for others, which will all be listed in the next changelog later this month.

Content plan until December:

Nightbane flight phase rework
SSC and The Eye trash revision - we will release the instances with trash only so that they can be playtested before adding bosses

Note: T4 cleanup is still ongoing, but most major issues apart from Nightbane have been fixed.

Exorcism of Colonel Jules
Turning point/Deathblow to the legion
Into the Soulgrinder
The Eye attunement questline - this will be revised completely, from start to finish

Shattered Halls gauntlet

Darkmoon Faire Mulgore

Mechanics plan:
Vanish/Feign Death improvements
Creature target change during fear

That being said, we will continue looking at JIRA, fixing regressions, or whatever we can get our hands on. This is merely a list of mandatory items, which will not change.

Anyway, stay awesome.
Please Report All Bugs On JIRA Tracker: http://jira.vengeancewow.com

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