Vengeance of Azeroth - A History Lesson

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Vengeance of Azeroth - A History Lesson

Post#1 » Thu Mar 30, 2017 11:38 pm

Please note that this article is still under construction and review. There may be a few slight inaccuracies scattered throughout and the content will likely be changed.


In late 2014, Laizerox, X-Savior, and Neo2003 gathered to form what would become known as Vengeance of Azeroth.

Together they launched two servers: Booty Bay (vanilla) and Wildhammer (TBC). Their initial focus was almost entirely on the vanilla server; however, fixes were also ported to TBC because the plan was to eventually allow vanilla server players to progress into TBC. It was important to keep cores of both expansions synced for this reason. The idea was to create a progress-through-expansions (PTE) model like we're seeing with some projects today (e.g. Crestfall).

At this point in time, X-Savior was still hosting the servers using his own personal hardware.

Booty Bay broke 300-400 population, but eventually went into decline and was shut down sometime in 2015. This is due to a number of factors: Nostalrius was released, X-Savior started receiving heavy DDOS attacks, and overall staff morale was at an all-time low.

As a result of the DDOS attacks, hosting for Wildhammer was moved to OVH. The few remaining Booty Bay players were offered character transfers to Wildhammer so they could continue playing if they wished. The focus then shifted to TBC/Wildhammer, and Neo2003 left the team to work on another vanilla project. Cyberium, Tobschinski, and a few other longstanding Vengeance developers also quit around this time due to internal conflict with X-Savior. Cyberium and Tobschinski still do a great deal of work on cMaNGOS to this day, so they never really stopped contributing to Vengeance as a result.

X-Savior and all contributors of cMaNGOS have had an immense impact on our project and we wouldn't be where we are without their dedication.

After these departures in late 2015 and into early 2016, the remaining developers Laizerox, X-Savior and Maximus continued implementing various core mechanics, dungeons, and loot. In mid 2016, Killerwife made first contact and was brought on as a developer. The team continued to work on Wildhammer and turned its focus to Karazhan development. An instant 58 feature was implemented and added to Wildhammer.


Stonetalon launched on June 17th of 2016. The release was planned well in advance, but it just so happened to follow the shutdown of Nostalrius and the flop of PlayTBC in April. Population numbers surged on both Stonetalon and Wildhammer due to the influx of new players, and as a result, the existing plan for releasing content was thrown into chaos.

We learned a lot from both the instant 58 event on Wildhammer and the opening of the new realm, Stonetalon. There were many mistakes made, and we feel the lessons we learned have helped us grow as a project.
Some time following Stonetalon's release, X-Savior removed himself from active development for the project to focus on family and work.

For the remainder of 2016, the team continued working on T4 content. (There are a lot of rumors that the team stopped development of Wildhammer, but that is simply untrue. Both realms ran off the same software, so any fixes done to improve the core/database affected both realms.) Nightbane and Netherspite in Karazhan, and High King Malugar and Gruul in Gruul's Lair were completely reworked and released. Wildhammer remained online for a long time afterwards, but the population slowly fizzled to just a few players daily.

Around this time, Stonetalon had reached a similar level of progression as Wildhammer, so we decided to finally merge the Wildhammer characters into Stonetalon. Wildhammer was subsequently shut down to save on operating costs. This merge didn’t happen sooner because transferring Wildhammer characters into Stonetalon before then would have put them ahead of everyone on Stonetalon progression-wise (Wildhammer had certain content released much earlier).

In late 2016 Magtheridon's Lair was completed, and the team continued to polish T4 content into early 2017, when work shifted to Tempest Keep. Currently 3/4 bosses in TK are released on Stonetalon and Serpentshrine Cavern is also on the way.


In addition to working on completing the next raid, we are very interested in furthering open source development, especially for TBC. We also care very much about a fully functional vanilla world, as it plays such an important role in TBC.

This is why nearly all of our work is exported to cMaNGOS. We actively encourage new developers to contribute and to post anything they do for Vengeance to cMaNGOS. We are able to help developers refine large, much needed code rewrites in a a live environment where we can build more based on player feedback. The player's receive a massive net positive improvement because of this relationship.

We are also able to provide technical assistance to anyone interested in helping who has experience with SQL or C++. Feel free to contact us on Discord if there are questions about getting set up and contributing.

In case this wasn't already make clear enough elsewhere, we all work on WoW emulation for fun. We are enthusiasts of early WoW expansions and we wish to preserve and cherish this memorable time period of the game.

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