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Post#1 » Fri Mar 31, 2017 1:34 am

You can find the original thread here: ... geancewow/

How long will the double XP last for?

The current x2 XP event is not permanent. We have, however, received a lot of positive feedback about this feature and do not wish to phase it out at this time. We will make an official announcement at least 2 weeks before ending the event.

How will this server not be shut down like the other servers that get popular?

Vengeance has been around in some capacity since mid 2014. We encourage those interested to read our history page for a brief summary of our project.

Laizerox has paid hosting costs in full for the next 6 months, and we still have enough money to pay for at least another year after that. Donations are not being accepted at this time.

We are not concerned about C&D/DMCA requests. Our website and login servers are offshore and do not contain any Blizzard Entertainment copyrighted material. This also includes the world server which is hosted in Canada.

Are you actively looking for new developers to strengthen the project or are you happy with the current state of play for now?

We will not be satisfied with the state of the server until we have mirrored what it was like to play on retail during TBC era. We're always looking for help from developers, testers, GMs, or detail-oriented people who wish to contribute by providing substantive bug reports or research. If you are interested in filling one of these roles, please contact a staff member on our Discord.

Our staff and players have the same goals. If anyone is interested in contributing in a completely Open-Source fashion with cMaNGOS, we are happy to cooperate on that front.

When will dailies - more than just choice of a single dungeon - be available? It's difficult at the moment to make much gold after questing is finished.

Daily hubs for Skyguard, Ogri'la, and Netherwing are currently locked on purpose. These hubs were released in post patch 2.1 and the current simulated patch progression for Stonetalon is approximately 2.0.3.

Our goal for Stonetalon is to be a progressive server; we don't want players accessing certain items that weren't available on retail WoW before their patch releases.

We understand our patch cycle is significantly longer than what Blizzard's was. Because we will end up spending quite a bit more time “pre-patch 2.1” compared to the true length of this time period on retail, we will likely end up releasing most of these daily hubs prior to the release of T6 content (Black Temple/Mount Hyjal).

Do you plan on implementing a shop with unobtainable items from vanilla to help maintain the server?

There are no plans for any form of shop at this time. In fact, VengeanceWoW is not currently accepting donations at all.
Our view is that players should not be able to receive any in-game reward (cosmetic or not) as a result of donating, because it is not in keeping with the spirit of the original TBC WoW.

How many hours a week on average do you spend working on the server? Of that time, what percentage of it is spent on fixing existing content vs. preparing new content for release?

This is a tough one to answer. Our contributors have varied over the years, and so has the amount of time they have been able to commit. We are an all-volunteer staff - everyone has day jobs, families, and other obligations - and while everyone is committed to Vengeance as a passion project, our staff must adapt according to life’s demands. We also draw from the work of a handful of open source CMaNGOS developers, and their contributions also may be similarly affected.

Because of the state of the wow-emu, the percentage of time we commit towards implementing new content or fixing existing content may vary greatly. It’s possible to add something new and end up causing regressions elsewhere. It is important for us to hunt down these regression issues and refine solutions (our players are very helpful for this). We also care about working class mechanics and improving the vanilla world since it plays such a prominent role in TBC.

Are there any plans for a future PVP server release?

We will not be releasing a new server anytime soon. Stonetalon was released last June, but is still quite "fresh" in terms of progression. With the 2x event and our longstanding and welcoming core community, new players shouldn't have too much trouble catching up and finding raid spots.

We learned some valuable lessons from our experience with Wildhammer and Stonetalon's initial release. One of our main takeaways is that spinning up a fresh server and abandoning your most dedicated player base in pursuit of the “next big hit” is not the way to go.

Have you considered developing even further the relationship with HF / L4G? That might bring the TBC community together.

Right before Hellground closed down recently, L4G was averaging around 20-30 players daily, and VoA was averaging about 100. Around this same time, some members of the L4G development team contacted us to discuss the possibility of merging our projects. We were ready and willing to accommodate L4G players on Stonetalon with instant level 58 characters, but the L4G staff ultimately decided they did not want to force their remaining core player base to start fresh.

Our cooperation is not over, but for the time being, they are focused on their own server launch. Nagrand was almost completely revamped by the L4G team, and they helped us discover some crucial scripting-engine limitations. They were also instrumental in bringing BG Weekends to cMaNGOS and VengeanceWoW.

How is the timeline of the server looking? When will t5/t6 release?

Tempest Keep: The Eye is released except for Kael’thas. Currently there is no concrete release date for SSC, but we do hope to push it to the PTR in the next week or so. Once SSC is released, Lady Vashj and Kael’thas will follow, and then our focus will switch to polishing existing content, addressing outstanding bugs reported on JIRA, and preparing for T6 release.

Any plans to introduce paid for services like name change, faction/race change, etc.? I know it wasn't introduced on retail until 2009, but would be massive benefit.

VengeanceWoW does not accept donations or provide any services like this. It's our view that restricting such services forces players to be thoughtful about what role they want to play and more accountable to other players in the community.

Hello. I'm wondering if you plan to release arena Season 2 with SSC?

No; there is no definitive end date Season 1, but players will be informed far in advance. On retail, Season 2 started 1 month following the release of Black Temple. It’s possible we may choose to wait to end Season 1 until some of BT or Mount Hyjal is released. In either case, newer players hopefully won’t have too much trouble catching up and getting competitive for quite some time (as they won’t be behind by two seasons).

Are the same people who were in charge of everything after PlayTBC collapsed still in charge at VengeanceWoW? (Killerwife, Laizerox, etc).

Things have changed some. X-Savior is no longer playing an active role in the development or direction of the server. He has stepped away from Vengeance for the time being to focus on family and work. His dedication was an enormous asset to our project, and he was responsible for large advances in WoW emulation over the course of many years. We are grateful for his lasting contributions to VoA.

Killerwife, Laizerox, Maximus, and Soul are still maintaining the project.

Will you guys do something like lower arena rating for weapons / shoulders in 3v3 or 5v5 to promote activity in those brackets?

Arena season 1 had no rating requirement for weapon and shoulders. It’s possible something like this will be considered for later seasons, but there are no solid plans at this time to deviate from the way Blizzard handled the requirement.

When are you going to release Sunstrider Isle?

Sunstrider Isle is actually the blood elf starting zone, which we have already released in full. What you may be referring to is the Isle of Quel'Danas (Shattered Sun Offensive), which will be opened (ideally in phases) sometime following the release of Zul'Aman for patch 2.3.

When will raid debuff limits be fixed?

The limits currently in place are due to the client’s restrictions, and these cannot be changed on our side. In vanilla, there were 16 debuff slots; in TBC, the maximum moved up to 40 debuff slots. But this change was handled server-side, which meant that 24 slots were not visible/sent to the client at all in retail TBC.
Players do have their debuffs on the target, they are just not visible. We suspect there was server-side logic at play during TBC which needs to be implemented in our core as well. In WotLK, the client logic was extended and changed so that it was handled entirely on the client-side. This is the reason this issue only plagues TBC servers.

Any plans to get the population higher? Advertisement, videos?

Aside from occasional posts such as this Q&A, we don't go out of our way to promote the Vengeance project.
We already have a handful of great content creators who stream on Stonetalon and make amazing videos of features and raids. We would rather let our work speak for itself than spend our time on PR.

Any ETA on hunter skill repair ? FD works until you stand back up, you require aggro Disengage seems to have a 20-22% success rate Some mobs will bug when there are 2, most notably the Thieves in Tanaris, and your pet cannot get aggro of the second mob unless you FD or run out of combat range, with the pet hitting and growling the entire time.

Feign Death is a specific feature that needs thorough examination. We know about this issue, and will definitely take a stab at fixing it in the future, as it is essential for proper PvP/PvE interactions.

Pet pathing..I know, it sucks on nearly all servers post vanilla, but any input ? TO the point of not having a pet out in dungeons

Laizerox is currently prototyping a new system which should improve pathfinding immensely. No ETAs, however, since this needs to be thoroughly tested first.

I am NA and the difference of time, when I use a skill or spell, seems to be measurable as if I was having minor lag with 40--60ms. Everytime I play. Is this a server issue where commands are being seen and applied or a security measure?

A slight delay on spellcast is actually Blizzlike. However, if you feel that it isn’t right, we recommend performing a DNS flush and rebooting your router. Sometimes the path that gets chosen initially is not the optimal one. You can Google how to do this or ask on Discord.

Is there any info on fear spells being reworked ? is there any info on sheep being tweaked? It seems to be near useless for CC right now

Fear movement is 100% related to pathfinding, this was already discussed in our response to this question: ... w/dfjbtod/
We are aware of the issues with polymorph, but it seems to be a complex issue. It will likely get a second look after initial SSC launch.

How will you ensure that content is not delayed (i.e. will you look into hiring more developers for your server / other staff)?

"Hiring" is a very strong (and inaccurate) word to use here. That would imply that we pay our developers and staff, and this is not the case. Vengeance is entirely a volunteer effort; we will never pay anyone to contribute to us. If content needs to be delayed longer than we anticipated, then that's just what will happen.

The community is divided on this matter, but we believe that a fast-paced release schedule is an unrealistic goal for well-scripted content, and rushing to pursue one would lead to quality control issues. We’d much rather pace ourselves over a longer development period to avoid developer burnout and mediocre results.

The nature of TBC is such that if the attunement chain is set up correctly, things can remain engaging for a long period of time, especially for new groups of players.

Blizzard essentially released all of T4, T5 and Hyjal on release of TBC: 2 and a half raid tiers. Right now there is no server that has feature-complete 2.0.3 content, and that is our current goal.

Have you considered partnering with the Primal / TrueWow team? They have a significantly different operating model due to PTE / 3.3.5 client, so you're not in direct competition. It could work as a simple trade- V scripting one raid, Primal team another. That could help both projects significantly.

Our ideals and core values may be similar to the TrueWoW team, but chances are the substantial differences in our emulation software would prevent this from being beneficial for either party.

Can you increase the XP rate for 59-70, increase rates for 1-58 or provide an instant 60 option?

The biggest boost Stonetalon will likely ever receive is the current 2x XP from 5-58. The original intention was that Stonetalon be a Blizzlike 1x server, and we will eventually return to a 1x setup.

Why not cross-faction?

Cross-faction strays farther from Blizzlike than what we deem acceptable. Despite the fact that we’re a PvE realm, we still think the conflict between Horde and Alliance factions is integral to the game. Without this conflict, we believe a fundamental part of the original TBC atmosphere would be missing.

Since the general measuring stick for private server success is population, which Vengeance is clearly lacking in comparison to others, why don't talents Devs and Admins such as yourselves don't just join other projects to find success there? Never understood the point of division & competition between servers.

We don’t dwell on our population numbers and never have. If you have followed Vengeance, you will know that it has had its share of population ups and downs. If you want to learn a brief history of the project, you can visit our forums and read about it here: news-announcements-f2/topic2520.html

Most of our contributors have been with us for a long time and have decided that the general vibe and ideals of our team suit them. Why join other projects if you are satisfied where you are? We also don’t expect our contributors to be “exclusive” to us; it’s all volunteer work and very informal, so they are always free to share what they’ve made elsewhere. We allow individual developers to decide whether or not their work is released to the public, and we try to encourage an open-source attitude and the active maintenance of cMaNGOS.

Division and competition are inevitable at some point. People have different goals, priorities, and motivations. Some people get into the WoW emulation scene for money or notoriety, or to “remix” an old game with novel content, but for us, Vengeance is a passion project to duplicate a specific time period in WoW history that we remember fondly.

Any plan to fix summoned pets staying alive and active after the controller NPC dies ? Like with the Tanaris locks

Yes, this is one of many issues on our watch list. As already indicated above, our current content focus lies on getting SSC to PTR. After SSC we will definitely have another JIRA month where we will address worldwide issues. This is why we ask for any problems you have noticed to be documented.

What plans do you have for building a population that can support battle ground pvping if any? Also is there an ETA on AV?

You want battlegrounds? We’ll give you battlegrounds. There are going to be so many battlegrounds, folks. You’re going to say Vengeance, please, we can’t play any more battlegrounds. And we’ll say sorry, there are going to be more battlegrounds because we’re going to make Vengeance great again.

But seriously, constant battlegrounds require a large population. Nonetheless, battlegrounds happen sometimes for our current players; it’s just a matter of timing. All we can do is recommend patience and logging in during peak times. There has been discussion of setting up a BG queue announcer in a separate Discord channel. We do not have any particular PR or advertising plans, and consider server population to be largely subject to unpredictable bandwagoning and therefore out of our hands.

Alterac Valley is disabled right now, in part due to the size of our current community, but also because it needs some technical work. It’s possible that sometime following release of T5 content we will have the bandwidth to fix up and enable this BG.

Can you make Hellfire launch sooner?

We’re rooting for the Hellfire team to succeed and wish them the best. Even though the more toxic portions of our player bases occasionally clash, staff members from both servers have been friendly for awhile now behind the scenes. We share the unique perspective of developing for and running a WoW emulation server, and a firsthand understanding of the rewards and challenges that come with such an undertaking.

Really enjoying the server thanks for all the hard work. What kind of hardware are you running the server on?

Currently 4 core / 8 threads and about 12 GB RAM.

Why is content so slow at being released? Why don't you improve on the pace? Why don't you actively want your population to increase?

Please refer to our responses for these other questions: ... w/dfjersv/ ... w/dfjc508/

Can we expect Black Temple before 2025?

We were looking at more of a mid-2070s release timeframe (trying to coincide with the first permanent bases on Mars), but we’re open to suggestions.

All kidding aside, we have no current timeline for the release of future content.

Is there any plan to give paladins access to both seals regardless of faction? Blizzard have come out and said how much of a mistake it was to give 1 faction a spell that is better for 1 spec and not the other and would have changed that if they had the choice. Do you feel the same about SOV and SOB and give people the ability to play their paladin whichever spec they want regardless of faction

There is currently no action being taken on this issue. We want the two factions to remain somewhat balanced, but so far we only plan to affect this by using bonus XP events.

What do you think of the current WoW private server community (regarding bandwagoning + the hate/shill)?

This is a complicated topic. We try our best to avoid drama because it brings a certain level of risk to the project. While we do not mind of people streaming and making videos, posting five threads a week about “why is voa empty/voa is great” is not helping us, /r/wowservers, or really anyone.

What does the voa staff feel is the biggest issue with the server and what is the plan to address it?

Two big issues we are always wrestling with are stability and regression. Sometimes when large rewrites of core code occur, deep-seated issues can surface which have existed in some form for years. We talk about regression a little more in our response for this question here: ... w/dfj7uuw/

We've also had an issue with master looting which occasionally pops up in raids. Sometimes, for reasons that are currently unknown, certain players will not appear properly in the loot distribution list after a boss is killed. When this happens, GMs and staff are more than willing to step in and help groups get the loot to the right players. Our response time is usually pretty fast, but obviously the preferred solution would be to determine the root cause of this problem.

It took 3 years to get T4 out. How long will the wait be for BT? It's what I'm most interested in

Three years of work on strictly T4 is not accurate; please see our history page for more details.

There is no solid timeline for the release of BT.

When will hellground come back?

Noon GMT +1

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