February/March Patch notes

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February/March Patch notes

Post#1 » Fri Mar 31, 2017 11:15 pm

Apologies for the extended delay since the last log - I've been busy with work/fixing up SSC and Killerwife is currently focused on his master’s thesis.
We expect to have SSC in some form up on the PTR soon - stay tuned for more details!

Combat and Spell System
  • Some scripted spells will now properly report "out of range" error instead of "target not found"
  • Rogues and Druids now have energy refunds on dodge/miss (previously we used Rage rules)
  • Implemented tracking of targets for some channeled spells
  • Implemented proper termination of flight paths (now a small teleport at the end)
  • Fixed an issue causing spells to be blocked
  • Implemented new logic for changing targets during channeling - old logic kept the main target during channeling instead of the channel target
  • Nerfed PvE heartbeat resist base percentage from 5% to 1%
  • Implemented partial fix to off-hand damage (this is related to damage normalization and will be further adjusted in the future)
  • Fixed non-consumable spell mod spells with secondary proc effect from not occurring properly
  • Fixed a 7-year-old issue that caused channels to end before the last tick happens - main visible occurrence was the battleground Spirit Healer not resurrecting people
  • Stacking buffs from certain types of scrolls will no longer be possible
  • Improve multi-rank support for some failing auras (allows multiple ranks of by different casters to stack on one target)
  • Drastic improvement of damage scaling effecting many spells such as and (still building on this)

Player vs. Player
  • Implemented random daily battleground quests
  • Battleground weekends now properly occur - AV is locked currently (WSG weekend occurs twice as often)
  • Added spawns for emissaries and battle standard objects during battleground weekends
  • Fixed Zangarmarsh Twin Spire Ruins world PvP
  • Fixed Nagrand Halaa world PvP - bombs now work and deal damage, roosts now properly reset
  • Method to exchange Marks of Honor earned from battlegrounds will be considered following SSC release

  • Phased out remaining Ogri'la depleted items, their charged counterparts, and all sources
  • Reduced tier token drops to one for all raid bosses until a later patch
  • Removed drops until a later patch
  • Disabled and until 2.3
  • Fixed text for
  • Warrior T4 4-piece bonus, will now trigger from all abilities
  • Fixed bonus for Spellfire set -
  • now procs properly for damage over time effects
  • Priest T4 4-piece bonus, - now properly consumes buff
  • Fixed proc of

World Events
  • Fixed Midsummer Fire Festival Striking Back questline
  • Fixed vanilla Children's Week quests and added many miscellaneous fixes
  • Harvest Festival
    - Added missing and ,
    - Added Tribute objects for Gnomes, Night Elves, Orcs and Taurens
  • Darkmoon Faire
    - Completed implementation of Mulgore opening and building events
    - Implemented capability for music inside the compound
  • Implemented bells in major hubs/cities


Dungeons and Raids
  • Implemented randomized daily dungeon and daily heroic quests
  • Added hologram spawns in Shattrath City to indicate which daily is available
  • It is now possible to turn in randomized daily dungeon/heroic quests on a later date
  • Reworked all raid loot groups from T4 to T6, as well as vanilla raid boss loot
  • used in Karazhan attunement quest will now despawn properly after use
  • AI and spawn location for Fragment Guardians within Shadow Labyrinth, Arcatraz and Steamvaults has been corrected
  • Karazhan
    - Fixed an issue which occasionally caused to disappear
    - Corrected a few emotes of in the Grand Ballroom
    - Added and adjusted many movement waypoints throughout the instance
    - Fixed not dealing damage during chess encounter
    - Fixed invisibility detection for
    - Corrected data for ’s - this was causing it to persist when changing target (blue beam disappears)
    - Fixed ’s counting non-players for range check
    - Fixed gossip text for
  • Magtheridon's Lair
    - Fixed bug causing to be interrupted early
    - will now properly deal damage
    - Corrected knockback distance of Quake
    - Buffed to pre-nerf values
  • Shattered Halls
    - Implemented scaled loot from depending on number of prisoners which have been executed
  • Gruul's Lair
    - Fixed door object positions
  • Tempest Keep: The Eye
    - Fixed, tested, and released (pre-nerf), and
    - ability will now properly target the main aggro target instead of a random player
    - will now cast on and when they cast at low health
  • Arcatraz
    - can now be interrupted and is immune to taunts
    - now uses proper spell for Gift of the Doomsayer on normal - heals her about half as much
  • Shadow Labyrinth
    - Fixed visibility of some creatures which should have been hidden
    - will no longer fear itself with (for real this time)
  • Zul'Farrak
    - Added several patrol routes for mobs
    - will now use abilities
  • Maraudon
    - Improved script for The Scepter of Celebras
    - and his adds now deal nature damage
  • Blackrock Spire
    - LBRS and UBRS have been completely reworked
    - now uses the correct Shadow Bolt spell
    - will now use abilities
    - Added AI for
  • Dire Maul
    - Added Tribute run buffs: , , and
    - Fixed one instance of Warlock Dreadsteed ritual event in Dire Maul getting stuck
    - Nerfed the number of enemy spawns during Warlock Dreadsteed ritual event (timings will be re-assessed at a later date)
  • Onyxia's Lair
    - Added movement to
    - Added fire immunity to
  • Molten Core
    - Full rework of the instance (many spawns, waypoints, pooling, and linking added)
    - Added fire immunity to and
    - Removed attunement for entering the raid via the portal in BRD
    - Started on improvements for and encounters (more to be applied soon)

  • Added many missing NPC models for TBC and vanilla world
  • Complete overhaul of monster equipment for TBC and vanilla world
  • Implemented variable respawn time - World bosses now have respawn time of 2-4 days instead of static 3 days (rare mob spawn time variance coming soon as well)
  • Added many scripting engine enhancements
  • Fixed many quest objects incorrectly displaying default greeting message when no quest was available
  • Implemented new logic enabling us to limit some mobs like in Duskwood to spawn only once
  • Arena flush message is now only visible to game masters
  • Populated dwarven farms in Wetlands and Arathi Highlands
  • Removed static spawn of - instead, he has a chance to be summoned when , , and are killed in the area
  • Fixed script for
  • Reworked Access Shaft Zeon in Netherstorm - added spawns/movement for and missing objects
  • Added check for level requirement for some teleports to instances (namely Naxxramas)
  • Added small script for and
  • Fixed position and faction for
  • Imported some locale data for several languages
  • Fixed animation of many objects - Alliance Flag, Barrel of Filth, Smoke Beacon, Falling rocks, Zelana's Alchemy set, Blastenheimer 5000 Ultra Cannon, and more
  • Fixed position for
  • Buffed to pre-nerf stats as and added nature immunity
  • Daily restart has been dropped in favor of a weekly restart (occurs on Wednesdays)
  • Players now have access to ".dist", ".guid", and ".gps" commands to provide better bug reports
  • Nerfed levelling XP requirements to post-2.3 values (affects 20-58 levels)
  • Fixed wrong position of a Funggor Cavern, Zangarmarsh
  • Reworked Chapel Yard (Kirin'Var Village in Netherstorm)
  • Fixed run speed and spell school immunities of and
  • Added AI for and
  • Added movement for following creatures:
    - , ,
    Eastern Kingdoms
    - ,
    Hellfire Peninsula
    - , , , , , , , , , ,
    Shattrath City
    Blade’s Edge Mountains
  • Cleaned up and added several small scripts in Garadar, Nagrand
  • Sandstorms will no longer occur in any zone aside from Tanaris, Badlands, Silithus, and Ruins/Temple of Ahn'Qiraj
  • Fixed server crashes caused by gossips that teleport players (Caverns of Time, Molten Core)
  • Fixed issue with bosses having jittery movement from side to side due to invisible creatures
  • Fixed typo in script text for
  • Added AI for MANY creatures throughout Silithus zone:
    - , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,, , , ,
  • Added AI for in Azshara
  • Fixed AI for in Western Plaguelands
  • Added AI for and in Netherstorm
  • in Searing Gorge will now cast
  • Added missing aggro text for
  • Added texts for , , and
  • will now respond to emotes
  • Added AI for and
  • will now cast
  • Added emote for
  • Fixed pets of and
  • will now use the correct enrage spell
  • Added scripts for NPCs from Elemental Invasion event:
    - , , , , , ,
  • Added script for
  • , , and will now be hostile instead of neutral to players
  • base melee damage reduced
  • Buffed to pre-nerf stats
  • Buffed and to pre-nerf stats
  • Added pre-nerf spawns of in Searing Gorge

All credit goes to the Vengeance team and CMaNGOS contributors.

If you would like to assist us in creating the best TBC experience possible, please contact a staff member on Discord or IRC!
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