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Development update

Post#1 » Mon May 01, 2017 8:25 pm

Hello everyone,

It has been a while since we did one of these, but I felt it was about time to inform everyone what is going on, where we are heading and what you can expect in the near future.

First of all, lets start with the most important one. We will be launching SSC Hydross nad Lurker very soon. If you want an ETA, for once I will provide one: 2 weeks. Right now we still need to polish some trash scripts and make sure it doesn't crash or isn't too easy. The other bosses have some tricky mechanics that need more attention than trash and first 2 bosses. For example Leotheras needs some nifty friend/foe work so that you can't help others with their demons. Last time I checked, Leotheras is yet another example of a boss never pulled off properly on any released server. But thats enough rambling about how hard it really is.

Second of all, "why does he suddenly write a post?". I finished my diploma thesis, which means I am capable of fixing more than 1 bug a week yet again. I am looking forward to working on stuff I havent had time for in the past 2 months. One such thing is the "I can see my own debuffs" prototype I have lying around but was not able to finish it due to my workload.

Third of all, what we need to do this month to be able to continue existing. There are several systems that we are tripping over due to their extensive usage and lack of research in the past years. We have recently discovered some data that might enable us to use official data more thoroughly. For that we need to take some time to refactor systems that used them incorrectly, namely friend/foe system. These discoveries were instrumental in fixing griefing, as well as Shaman Elemental totems and disappearances of portals on Netherspite, Illhoof and Black Morass, as each of these portals has one incorrectly used flag.

Another example of what we need to do is implement proper generic spellcasters. What this means is to make a creature that only starts running once it ran out of things to cast or was silenced/interrupted resulting in nothing to cast. This actually requires a few things: Generic AI refactoring, Event AI refactoring, Cooldown API - GCD for creatures and last but not least proper logic on spellcast fail. This logic ties into many instance/boss scripts that will be infinitely easier to pull off, not to mention the fact that generic outdoor combat will look much smoother.

That being said, we still plan to work on this side by side with more SSC/Eye content. We are essentially learning from all past Dungeon /T4/T5 content and considering what we need most on the next leg of the journey. After initial SSC release we will also make a round of dungeon content fixes as some instances are in dire need of cleanup. We even have some outland scripts lying around waiting until someone is able to finish them and release them. All this is in preparation for 2.1 content scripting.

Anyhow, I know I am being awfully technical in this update, but what we are doing right now is quite difficult but also very important. Hopefully this casts a glance into what we are progressing towards. Cheers.

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