Hellfire (L4G) Character Transfer to VengeanceWoW

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Hellfire (L4G) Character Transfer to VengeanceWoW

Post#1 » Wed Aug 30, 2017 5:21 pm

Hi all, we wanted to spread the word. In light of the Hellfire (formerly L4G) shutdown, MantisLord and Xadras have worked out setting up character transfers from Hellfire 2 server to VengeanceWoW Stonetalon for those who are interested in retaining their characters and joining the Vengeance community. We put out a few feelers on the discord, but we understand a lot of people have left the Hellfire discord, so spreading the word to friends who may be interested would be appreciated.

A few technical details are still being worked out, so things may change slightly, but the current plan is to facilitate the merge of as much character data as possible. This includes completed quests, reputation, professions, inventory/bank, etc. The data will be restored from pre-shutdown announcement backup of Hellfire (approx. early-mid August).

1) If Hellfire transfer characters had any items which are currently unobtainable on Stonetalon due to progression differences, they should receive a replacement (Tier 4 equivalent in most cases)

2) Gold for each transfer character will be capped at 3000g; characters below level 40 will not be transferred.

3) Standing for Netherwing, Sha'tari Skyguard, Ogri'la, and other factions not fully available on Stonetalon will be reset to neutral for those who have them.

Players who wish to retain their Hellfire characters will be required to create or use an existing VengeanceWoW account to house the transferred characters. We are looking at making it so you get a code upon logging into your account on Hellfire that you will be able to redeem once you log into your Vengeance account.

Arena Season 1 "reboot" on Vengeance will happen probably same day the transfers are opened. This would involve clearing
current ladders/ratings and rewarding those who have high rating (currently, we’re thinking titles and a TCG item). Gladiator mounts will be distributed and titles recalculated at the end of the rebooted Season 1.

More specific details soon to come. We welcome interested parties to our server, and hope to see you in game!

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