How to transfer your Wargate characters to Vengeance

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How to transfer your Wargate characters to Vengeance

Post#1 » Fri Oct 20, 2017 3:26 am

1) Go to :


2) Enter your Wargate account username and password.

3) If the credentials are correct, you will be given a secret key. Copy this key so you can use it later.

4) Log into your Vengeance account (or create one) on
NOTE: If you had to create a new account, please make sure to "activate" it by clicking on the link you get into your email from us.

5) Once you are logged in, go to your Profile located here:


6) Select Wargate server from the dropdown list, enter your account name and paste your secret key here:


That's it! All your eligible Wargate characters should now be copied and linked to your Vengeance account!

If you need help with any step of this process, join our Discord server and ping @gm group in the #merge-support channel.

Quick Fact Sheet

Your file should contain only this line:

set realmlist

Try these alternatives if you have trouble connecting:

set realmlist
set realmlist

See our getting started guide for more information about how to play on Vengeance.

Please read up on our official rules and FAQ.

Remember to clear your game cache before playing on Vengeance - this can prevent an array of different issues.

If you are experiencing client freezes when you start an escort/timed event quest, your version of QuestHelper is likely out of date. You can find the correct version with this bug fixed here.

Sometimes other projects will distribute a modified executable for the game client which could cause errors or even prevent you from changing your realmlist. If you experience this, try replacing your Wow.exe with this original/clean copy found here.

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