Wargate Transfer Details, Close of Hellfire Transfer, and Other News

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Wargate Transfer Details, Close of Hellfire Transfer, and Other News

Post#1 » Sun Oct 22, 2017 9:08 pm

Greetings, players!

If you didn't hear the news, we did end up working out character transfers from Wargate (see https://redd.it/77idxi). We will be using the exact same method as we did for Hellfire transfers, and the same rules and restrictions apply.

VengeanceWoW and website will be taken down for maintenance Tuesday October 24th at 2AM Mountain (server) Time (-7 GMT). During the database merge, both site and server will be unavailable for an estimated period of 2-3 hours. Be sure to connect to our Discord server for socialization and news in the meantime. For more information on how to transfer your character from Wargate, see near bottom of this post.

Scheduled Vengeance website downtime / login issue
We understand that people have been having difficulty logging in sometimes; the issue is a bad session key/ db sync error. If you encounter a disconnect when trying to log in, leave your client open and wait 1 minute for key to refresh before logging in again.

November 3, there will be an extended downtime for maintenance of the host server that runs VengeanceWoW website. The world servers will still be accessible during this downtime; the website and account creation will not be. But this will fix the issue with the session key (worth it, right?).

Closing of Hellfire Transfers and database purge
Good things can't last forever; we have tens of thousands of characters who will never be claimed, who are simply holding names, or who have been abandoned. The database volume is putting pressure on our hardware, and we need to take some steps to clean it up.

We will be closing Hellfire 2 transfers and removing the unclaimed eligible characters from our database at the end of November. If you are interested in playing on Vengeance with your HF2 characters, you should take steps to claim them now.

Extra HF2 characters will not be the only ones purged. We will also be purging characters who meet BOTH of the following conditions:
    Level 1-5
    Have less than 3h gameplay OR have not logged in during last month
If you have bank characters or alts who meet this criteria that you wish to keep, you should log them on at your earliest convenience.

Character transfer instructions
Once the database merge is complete on Tuesday:
Go to [ADDRESS COMING SOON] (this is the landing page we've set up for receiving access key), input your Wargate credentials and copy the code. You may get it in advance, but you will not be able to redeem on Vengeance until Tuesday.

You will need to make an account on Vengeance website if you do not have one already. Once you have logged into an authenticated account via email, under your profile you will see an option to input your username and secret key that you obtained from Wargates' website.

Please ensure that you change your realmlist.wtf and CLEAR YOUR CACHE before playing on Vengeance. This will prevent a lot of issues. You will need to finish registering your account by clicking the generated email link before you can log in via client; failure to do so may get you error messages that say your account is banned.

If you don't see the email from Vengeance, make sure you check your spam folder. If you still can't find it, or you have other issues, please join Vengeance discord and reach out in #merge-support.

Character transfer specifics
1) If Wargate transfer characters had any items which are currently unobtainable on Stonetalon due to progression differences, they should receive a replacement (Tier 4 equivalent in most cases)
2) Gold for each transfer character will be capped at 3000g; characters below level 40 will not be transferred.
3) Standing for Netherwing, Sha'tari Skyguard, Ogri'la, and other factions not fully available on Stonetalon will be reset to neutral for those who have them. (Quest progression will be reset.)
4) Wargate transfer window will close at the end of December, after which unclaimed characters will be lost.

For more information or help, join VengeanceWoW discord. https://discord.gg/RX44XY2

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