Development update 17.11.2017

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Development update 17.11.2017

Post#1 » Fri Nov 17, 2017 7:31 pm

Hello everyone,

It has been a while since I did one of these, and I think it is time to inform everyone what is going on. First of all, we managed to slay the imaginary beast of relations. We are now much more capable of using blizzard resources to script things. In the hiatus of new content ever since rest of SSC was released, we were polishing content hard. The whole last 3 months were dedicated to polishing existing and released content. We are slowly nearing the end of 2.0.3 content, even though we aren't there yet.

So, what are we doing right now? Here is the list of current WIP projects we have:
Vengeful Harbinger
Deathblow to the Legion
Mount Hyjal instance trash

Our current plan is to finish these four WIP projects before proceeding further. In the coming weeks I will also start working on Vashj, as soon as Shade of Aran rewrite, which is currently on PTR is merged to live Stonetalon. The reason for this, is because I am trying to remove a sideeffect of our scripts, that makes for more deterministic AI behaviour. This is needed for Vashj as she is a Paladin class, part melee, part caster.

In terms of refactors, there are still some big things afoot, but I myself have been redirecting myself more towards new content.
Our current plan is to release some new content this year already, and if things go as planned, we would like to release Winter's Veil on one form or another.

In the last 3 months we also dedicated a fair bit of time towards synchronizing with the open source CMaNGOS repositories. As a result, there has been a sizeable upsurge of new people who wish to help. As usual, we will of course bring all things made by public people to our own server. Out of all those things, one particular effort stands out in terms of our servers timeline:
This is an effort to fix the Netherwing quest hubs into a releasable state. As soon as this thread is closed for the most part, we will also release Netherwing on Vengeance.

This ties into another point on our agenda. We would like to yet again reiterate our openness towards recruiting new people. Since the last update, we had two more people join us, AnonXS and Nalaric. We are looking for any C++ and SQL dev, and the recruitment post made some time ago, is still applicable. Netherwing provides a unique opportunity to learn the ropes, and advance the server timeline much faster.
The whole hub will be kept as close to vengeance as is humanly possible, in order not to deter any outside help. Of course we welcome any aspirants who want to join Vengeance developers directly, not just through open source.

I wish a nice November to everyone.


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