20. 02. 2018 Development update

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20. 02. 2018 Development update

Post#1 » Tue Feb 20, 2018 3:45 pm

Hello everyone,

In the last one of these we were talking about Kael'thas and Vashj and about how we want to finish 2.0.3 baseline content. Well it turns out we have managed to do that, with a one month delay. Yes we admit that some of the 2.0.3 content still needs some polish, but the major parts are all out now, and we can move forward to other things.

The current plan is advancing to 2.1 content. We all know what 2.1 means but to recap, these are the content blocks we are working on:
Battle for Mount Hyjal
Black Temple
Quest Hubs:
BT attunement questline
Consortium Yor questline
Swift Flight Form questline

Out of all of these, we already started working on BT attunement, Battle for Mount Hyjal and Netherwing. The idea is that we will advance to patch 2.1 once at least 2 major tasks are done. For now, we haven't yet decided what releasing patch 2.1 means, but we will decide when we get there.

These are not the only things we are doing. We are also continuously improving the world with new AI for mobs which don't use their spells yet. We also work here and there on world events, as evidenced by releasing Lunar Festival on Stonetalon for the first time. We are also coming down hard on class issues, as well as some development of transports (zeppelins, elevators), and movement response improvements. Last thing to mention is Charm AI, which is essentially AI for players which are charmed by mobs / bosses.

This also does not mean that we are abandoning existing content. Yet again, after implementing the last two bosses, we are propagating new findings and tech to older T5 and T4 bosses. In general we are also trying to implement things you have seen elsewhere. So far we have been successful in making a generic AI for casters, like you have seen on Aran, Kael and Vashj. This means in the future you will stumble upon enemies, which correctly react to OOM, to being kicked, to being silenced, and they will even distance themselves when scripted.

Here comes the sad news. At least for the next month there will definitely not be any content release. The main reason is that we are taking our time to clean up the core after the last batch of scripting, so that we can incorporate everything we have reversed into existing core capabilities, as well as export it to cmangos, and in return get valuable feedback from other members of the community. We also plan on making more development videos, like you have seen in our Debuff Limit video.

To tell you where we are in the development of Hyjal, I have rewritten first 4 bosses, and now they need their timers corrected and they are done. The main part is reworking waves, so that the system is not error prone, and can be reset at will to any state through simple commands. We have learned a great deal in OHF on how to "not" make a zone wide heavy script.

Skettis development has started long before Kael and Vashj have been released, but there is still much to do. Most of the scripts are not very complex and as a result it won't take too much time of focused development to fix it.

Next on the list is Netherwing, which was in the best state to begin with. Its spawns are fully blizzlike, with many RP events scripted. The only problem are the few very heavy scripts needed, which will take some time to pummel out. These are for example Races, Reth'hedron questline, and Kill them All questline. These are the only few big bottlenecks for releasing Netherwing, and this will only require some time.

Ogri'la and BT is currently not on the table, so that we do not spread ourselves too thin.

That's all from our development this time. Should you find anyone who wishes to help TBC development, let us know. Peace.

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