i58 Open - Mount Hyjal is waiting for you

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i58 Open - Mount Hyjal is waiting for you

Post#1 » Sun Jun 03, 2018 9:03 pm

VengeanceWoW never boasted a gigantic population nor rapid release of new raid tiers. It is a group of enthusiasts and fanatics who love older, nostalgic versions of World of Warcraft. This is why we directly contribute to, and are official maintainers of, the open source CMaNGOS project. We want to see CMaNGOS continue to be built and succeed in providing a platform for those who wish to relive their own experiences. Since 2014, Vengeance of Azeroth (VoA) has served as a real-world test bed for a plethora of CMaNGOS fixes and reworks that are researched and contributed to by the development team and playerbase both. It has enabled acceleration in CMaNGOS development which no other private server project has done on the same scale before.

And we believe others should have access to this knowledge too - which is why we're the largest contributor to the TBC branch, and not for profit.

Encourage your friends to hop on board and come participate in building the dream. To make it easier for them to catch up, we have opened up i58 officially today, and intend to maintain optional toggleable 2x leveling speed from 58-70.

Mount Hyjal is scheduled to be released June 15, complete with Archimonde! And wait - there's more. Coming with it is the Netherwing and Skettis daily quest hubs, plus the end of Season 1 for pvp, PLUS the beginning of the rollout towards 2.1 items/recipes.

To get people started with their i58 characters, direct them to Mantislord's guide here:

The journey awaits.

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