[CHANGELOG] August 25.08.2017 - Patch Release

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[CHANGELOG] August 25.08.2017 - Patch Release

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  • All DoTs are no longer affected by armor damage mitigation
  • Fixed creature pooling issue which was causing premature respawn of various trash in Gruul's Lair and Karazhan
  • Fixed many crash sources and memory leaks
  • Improved damage scaling of many level scaling spells
  • Performed major cleanup of codestyle
  • Duel accepting and refusal is now more blizzlike
  • Added around 60 missing immunities to TBC dungeons
  • Implemented effect for potions
  • Fixed spellmod flat bonus/percent bonus formulae
  • Implemented / casting interruption
  • Fixed Pet spells (including MC and Charms) triggering CD on LOS
  • Fixed delay calculation for spells like (channeled, AOE, in certain area)
  • Added leeway for range checks when involved parties are moving
  • Earth Shield can now proc on non-player targets (creature versions)
  • Reworked Sanctuary zone handling
  • Added fixes against griefing using AOE abilities
  • Globally implemented scripts for knockback spells which remove certain % of threat
  • Summoned Guardians now start with full mana
  • Implemented Shaman T2 8-set bonus
  • Implemented trinket effect
  • Minor rework of chance calculations for Daze, Glaze and Crush
  • Reworked ownership fields - fixes portrait icon of totems
  • Implemented script for Warlock summoning (stun, correct duration)
  • Improved script for (TCG) spell
  • Prototyped RAF for future use
  • Reworked Master Looter logic and errors
  • Reworked loot eligibility ruleset
  • Implemented Zeppelin gossips at Zeppelin masters (show current location of Zeppelin)
  • Extra attacks from weapon enchantments can no longer chain into more extra attacks
  • Fixed an aura ghosting issue (being present on target even if no longer exists)
  • Implemented proper blizzlike Aura display (buff/debuff) for the 40 debuffs limit
  • Weapon enchantments no longer affect feral forms
  • Implemented generic logic for bosses which are stationary, and have random ranged attack ( P1, , )
  • Reworked family of mobs animations
  • Made improvements to target handling for creatures when they are casting/channeling
  • Minor overhaul of Glancing Blow calculation
  • Spells like now check for LOS from the middle of their location
  • Improved handling of group invite and group disband (mass invite addons now work)
  • Fixed auto-repeat spells handling (auto shot, wand shoot) which fixes infamous hunter macros
  • Fixed chance
  • Implemented first subsystems needed for autonomous Caster AI
  • Spell haste now applies to whole casting time of hunter spells correctly
  • After swapping weapons correct GCD is triggered serverside
  • Reworked to be more blizzlike (stuck command)
  • Fixed leashing bug where a creature wasn't leashing if its spells were resisted
  • Fixed a caster AI prototype from last year (overhaul coming soon nonetheless)
  • now prioritizes lowest HP % target
  • Added to many creatures
  • Fixed proccing of , ,
  • no longer drops from creatures
  • Added a lot more translations for foreign clients
  • Removed Paladin Trainer entry from Darnassus Guards
  • now swim properly
  • now only drops from
  • are now affected by talent
  • Fixed an instance of creature Spell Reflect
  • Added multiple missing TCG items
  • Added vendor data for
  • Added requirements changes to item crafting
  • Added scripts to Caverns of Time minizone
  • now do proper animations on use
  • Added to numerous vanilla mobs
  • Reworked spawns for in Silithus
  • Brought Vengeance Greeter up to date
  • no longer drops
  • now drops / at a much smaller rate
  • is no longer a world drop
  • in Felwood is now immune to fire
  • Added missing gossips to numerous NPCs
  • Allowed some additional crabs to swim
  • Added proper vendor rules and quest rules to
  • Fixed positions and orientations for teleport in Stormwind Wizard's Sanctum
  • Fixed hunter stable pet gossip of
  • are now linked and aggro together
  • Fixed drop chances for container
  • Fixed loot for , , , , , , , , and
  • Fixed not proccing on mana gem usage
  • Implemented to prevent access to Hyjal (outdoor zone)
  • Fixed

    AI Rework - fixes many inconsistencies between different AI types, stealth detection issues, and exposes bad scripts
    Also subsequent restoration of plethora of faulty scripts
    Includes complete rework of friend/foe decision making and intractability checks

    Added missing abilities/scripts for the following creatures:

    , ,






  • Improved AB and AV flag animation responsiveness
  • Implemented Battleground and Arena Queue Announcer on Discord
  • Removed AV mark requirement from Daily PVP quest until AV is released


Scourge Invasion
  • Added Scourge Letter in-game mails
Darkmoon Faire
  • Added cooldown spell for (buffs can only be received once in a certain time period)
Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza
Gurubashi Arena Booty Run
  • Cleanup and minor fixes
Call to Arms!
  • Added emotes to Battleground Emissaries



Shattrath City
  • Added movement and script for
  • Scripted various events in Aldor Rise
  • Improved scripts of Daily Instance Images
  • Added movement for
  • Added script for
Shadowmoon Valley
  • Fixed visibility of
  • Fixed path for one spawn of
Blade's Edge Mountains
  • Cleaned up Evergrove area
  • Reworked spawns on Singing Ridge
  • Add missing texts to
  • now flies properly
  • Added script for , , , and
  • Overhauled Socrethar's Seat spawns
  • Added missing texts to and
  • Reworked Kil'Sorrow Fortress spawns and scripts
  • Reworked spawns in Northwind and Southwind Clefts
  • Reworked spawns in Burning Blade Ruins
  • Reworked Sunspring Post spawns
  • Added movement and pooling to and
  • Add missing texts to
  • Added Nesingwary camp scripts with , , and
  • Added emotes for
  • Added movement and Thrash to
Terokkar Forrest
  • Add missing texts to
  • Fixed respawn time of and
  • Corrected model and hitbox
  • Added movement to
  • Added and RP event
  • Reworked spawns in Ango'rosh Stronghold
  • Added script for
  • Remove static and add movement for one
Hellfire Penninsula
  • Implemented Stair of Destiny event
  • Add missing texts to
  • 's is now removed upon death
  • Added movement and script to
  • Removed wrong spawns
  • Reworked Zeb'Nuwa spawns and pooling
  • Reworked Zeb'Tela spawns and pooling
  • Add missing texts to
Bloodmyst Isle
  • Fixed Nazzivius monument spawn coordinates
  • Fixed reset of on respawn
Stranglethorn Vale
  • Adjusted respawn time of creatures for Mastery quests
Dustwallow Marsh
  • Reworked spawns in The Den of Flame and the Dragonmurk


  • should now properly attack
  • Side Entrance Door is now locked until Opera Event is completed
  • is now immune to Arcane
  • Added pre-nerf ability
  • Added proper Thrash auras to and
  • Added linking and movement to
  • Added 32+ various missing immunities to trash mobs
  • is now immune to Mind Control
  • Added initial grace period to Wizard of Oz Opera encounter
  • now correctly targets players at least 8 yards away
  • Added pre-nerf spell to
  • now resets threat on landing and also properly resets after a wipe during flight phase
  • 's now have pre-nerf aura
  • Added leashing boxes to and
  • Added proper damage spell to 's
  • Blackened urn object has been removed (players must use to summon in TBC)
Gruul's Lair
  • Re-implemented - now no longer targets main tank even if he is second aggro target
  • Added proper logic to
  • no longer casts or during
  • is now immune to
Magtheridon's Lair
  • Increased HP to reflect pre-nerf
  • Adjusted to pre-nerf values
Serpentshrine Cavern
  • Released , and
  • is now no longer immune to taunt
  • Added leashing box to
Tempest Keep: The Eye
  • Reduced speed of
  • 's and now only target players
  • Reworked 's into pre-nerf Meteor - does additional damage and splits between raid members
  • no longer dies between P1 and P2 if he hits exactly 0 HP
  • now always returns to same platform on wipe
  • Added leashing box to
  • is now immune to interrupt
  • Fixed travel time for spells whose caster has a huge bounding box ('s )
  • Corrected threat reset %
  • Fixed / dead-zone
  • no longer mercilessly casts (increased cooldown)
  • now interrupts his out of combat channel, on aggro
  • Added missing scripts to trash that were previously not possible
Hyjal Summit
  • Added missing spawns to Scourge base
  • Add missing texts to
Doom Lord Kazzak
  • Fixed griefing involving
  • Added correct hitbox data
  • Full trash rework, many missing abilities added
Temple/Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj
  • Fixed up AQ20 and AQ40 by adding spawns, missing auras and correcting wrong data of mobs
  • Implemented Drain Mana spell used by trash mobs
  • now deals arcane damage with melee
Blackwing Lair
  • Fixed spell script ( encounter)
  • Minor trash fixes (spawns, missing auras, positions)
Molten Core
  • Improved and bossfights
  • Reimplemented mechanic for adds
Onyxia's Lair
  • Reworked trash mob spawns
  • Removed skinning loot from


Slave Pens
  • now casts at random target
  • Implemented script in Slave Pens
Blood Furnace
  • Improved handling of gauntlet
  • is no longer targetable
Hellfire Ramparts
  • Fixed speed of
The Mechanar
  • Improved encounter
  • Completely reworked
  • Implemented Inferno spell used by trash mobs
The Arcatraz
  • Improved encounter
  • Script spell distance now uses proper values (fixed starting sequence visuals)
  • Re-implemented 's
  • Improved event illusions
The Botanica
  • Completely reworked
The Steamvault
  • Added some missing spawns and movement
  • Fixed final boss door stuck issue
Shadow Labyrinth
  • Added some missing spawns on heroic mode
Shattered Halls
  • Added some missing spawns in the Sewer
Black Morass
  • Corrected AI of various enemies
  • Waves attacking will now ignore players unless attacked
  • Added script for (summoned via )
  • Implemented more blizzlike handling of the entire event
Old Hillsbrad
  • Added missing movement and emote for
  • Fixed scenario causing event to get stuck, forcing players to restart
Mana Tombs
  • now deals shadow damage with melee and is linked to his trash
Blackrock Spire
  • Improved whole Lower Blackrock Spire instance
  • Added movement for
  • Players are now once again able to complete UBRS key quest, Seal of Ascension
  • Improved Stadium event
  • Added encounter
  • Improved script
  • Improved waypoints for and
Blackrock Depths
  • Fixed malfunctions with Relic Coffers
  • Full respawn of creatures and objects using ClassicDB data - adds some missing movement, spawns, and linking
  • Door to now opens automatically
Shadowfang Keep
  • Fixed minimum level required to enter instance
  • Fixed minimum level required to enter instance
  • Fixed bug causing to not blow open final boss door
  • Fixed gossip menu for - now there are two options at the end of pyramid event (talk to Weegli or fight and crew)
  • Mounting now allowed in ship area

Courtesy of CMaNGOS and Vengeance team

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Re: [CHANGELOG] August 25.08.2017 - Patch Release

Post#2 » Fri Aug 25, 2017 5:00 pm

Geezus that's a long list. Great work, guys.

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