[CHANGELOG] November 17.11.2017 - Patch Release

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[CHANGELOG] November 17.11.2017 - Patch Release

Post#1 » Fri Nov 17, 2017 7:27 pm


  • Finished core-wide rework of relations - client/server identify-friend-foe functions are now the same - most time-consuming part on this list
  • Implemented new Contested PvP API as well as unified PvP flag timers
  • Loyalty change induced react state change for pets (passive/defensive/aggressive) is now properly sent to client
  • Merged new cooldown API - creatures are now capable of having cooldowns/lockouts
  • Subsequently added GCD tolerance in response to new CD API
  • Reworked sending of combat log messages
  • Fixed HoTs assigning threat even when out of combat
  • Fix incapacitated targets receiving threat
  • Considerably reworked targeting for a plethora of spells, causing many animations to work properly now
  • Re-implemented account instance entering limit
  • Implemented core support for Two-Factor Authorization - coming soon on website
  • Partially reimplemented Rogue
  • Completely reworked
  • Fixed one occurrence of Mangle learning bug
  • Implemented Blizz-like custom aggro range settable per creature
  • Implemented Vanilla/legacy quest list menus to properly support old style questgivers
  • Added a plethora of Vanilla questgiver texts and their translations
  • Reworked AI for Burster worms all over Outland
  • Taunt now properly sets main target of taunt target to caster
  • Implemented spell used by some creatures in Outland
  • Fixed creatures getting stuck in a fleeing state on low HP
  • Spells which shouldn't benefit from spell damage bonuses now no longer benefit from damage taken bonuses as well
  • Fixed numerous text typos across all continents
  • Fixed effects like for many creatures
  • Fixed targeting for "in the back" spells like
  • Fixed numerous issues due to bosses having multiple instances of / proc auras
  • Implemented generic logic for mobs for dismounting on combat engage
  • Added zone wide emote support ( in BWL and Karazhan animal bosses)
  • Implemented support for proper legacy instance entering messages (such as Naxxramas)
  • Fixed lags due to summoning pets on encounter (global issue)
  • Added missing spawn for
  • Reworked Wyrmcult Blackwing Coven minizone - spawns, paths, models, speeds and vendor
  • Fixed Duskwither Spire gameobjects and trigger positions
  • Fixed path, speed and data for
  • Reworked Firewing Point spawns, paths, pooling and scripts
  • Added missing objects, spawns, paths, pooling, emotes to Tomb of Lights
  • Fixed some spawns on Netherweb Ridge
  • Fixed linking and spawn of southern group of
  • and now have cooldowns
  • Implemented:
    - PvP totems/relics/idols/librams
  • Fixed position and movement for
  • Fixed path, respawn spot and speed
  • Added one spawn and movement of
  • Fixed not being attackable
  • Added movement for and
  • Fixed drop chance of
  • Fixed Defias NPCs not dropping money in Dustwallow Marsh
  • Updated Damage School for a plethora of creatures
  • Added failsaves against players entering Isle of Quel'Danas
  • Fixed loot from various clams
  • Added a plethora of missing gossip texts and fixed a lot of quest prerequisites
  • Positions, spawns, templates for , , and
  • Added proper flags to many mobs all around Outland
  • Added proper loot groups for and
  • is now correctly affected by talent
  • Fixed graveyard for Horde in Dun Morogh, Ironforge, and Blackrock Mountain
  • Fixed graveyard for Horde/Alliance in some dungeons
  • Added a plethora of missing auras and procs to creatures all around Azeroth and Outland
  • Fixed being attackable in Shattrath
  • Fixed skinning loot for
  • Added many missing immunities throughout Azeroth, Outland, TBC heroics and SSC
  • Added variable respawn timer for almost all Vanilla rares
  • Fixed flags for and (no longer attackable by players)
  • Added AI and spellcasting to more than 100 creatures all over Outland

  • Implemented music objects for Brewfest, Pirate's Day, and Midsummer Fire Festival
  • Cleaned up and released Hallow's End, including the encounter
  • Merged many fixes for Lunar Festival


  • Gruul's Lair
    - now casts at top aggro target and also chases his target from a further range
    - will now cast only after casting
  • Serpentshrine Cavern
    - now summons pets every 30 seconds
    - will now re-apply mind control to players who were killed after going insane
    - Adjusted numerous timers on abilities to reflect DBM more closely
    - Implemented kneeling final phase transition sequence
  • Karazhan
    - Reworked resetting of to account for some corner cases
    - Fixed a bug making and get stuck
    - Implemented spell for
    - Reordered script to give superspells higher priority
    - Fixed Malchezaar Infernal hack and 's jittery movement
  • Magtheridon
    - Fixed one instance of getting stuck in combat during encounter
  • Blackrock Spire
    - Fixed script
  • Naxxramas
    - Implemented Polarity Shift and added animations to script
  • Merged a plethora of fixes for MC, ZG, BWL, AQ20/40 and Naxx from Classic-DB/CMaNGOS-Classic

  • Sethekk Halls
    - now has a slight delay after
  • Auchenai Crypts
    - Added proper spell to
  • Shadow Labyrinth
    - Reworked many mechanics and script
    - Updated data for various NPCs inside Shadow Labs
  • Shattered Halls
    - Fixed gauntlet of fire despawning mobs when boss was rushed
    - Added many missing spawns (more to come)
  • The Steamvault
    - Added proper coordinates to add spawns
  • The Black Morass
    - Fixed issue causing script to continue even after final boss is completed
  • Old Hillsbrad Foothills
    - Fixed Thrall/Taretha script getting stuck after wipe
  • The Arcatraz
    - Fixed guardians not despawning
  • Dire Maul
    - Fixed key event
  • Synced data with Classic-DB for all Vanilla dungeons

  • Released all remaining Vanilla raids on Stonetalon
  • Added several Outland creatures to server progression:
  • Enabled following progression features/items as they were previously available on Wildhammer:
    - specialty cooking recipes
    - / drop from
  • Enabled Battlegear sets (PvP gear purchasable with gold from reputation vendors)
  • Reintroduced some portal trainers which didn't appear until later in progression
  • now has engineering requirement pre-2.3

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Re: [CHANGELOG] November 17.11.2017 - Patch Release

Post#2 » Mon Nov 20, 2017 12:32 am

Thank you

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