Recruitment of Developers

Wish to become a developer of Vengeancewow? This is the place.

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Recruitment of Developers

Post#1 » Sat May 20, 2017 12:18 pm

Hello everyone,

The immense scale of wow emulation means, that we are always actively looking for new developers and people who are willing to help.

What we need:
We currently need any sort of moderately skilled SQL or C++ developer, who is willing to learn the ropes of developing blizzlike content. We do not have any sort of strict admission rules beyond the initial proving period (a lot of people leave before they learn enough to be valuable), but we do have strict codebase rules, very similar to cMaNGOS. Do not let this discourage you, these rules are easy to learn, and at this point we have enough people to provide very quick feedback on anything. We are also open to cooperation through cMaNGOS, if you wish to help all servers. All our developers contribute in some capacity to cMaNGOS.

How to get started: ... structions
The above link contains anything needed to get started. Since we are a cmangos based server and actively maintain compatibility, anything you learn to do on cmangos will be very similar or completely the same on VoA, hence we are able to accept code/fixes/feedback from cmangos as well. Every developer who stood the test of time was able to get cMaNGOS running on his own, and as a result we regard this setup as an admission test.
IRC is an absolute necessity, since both our and cmangos dev channel operates on (ingame related things are on discord). To contact us, you can hop by our #vengeancewow and #vengeancewow.testers channels, all our developers are present on these.

What we do not need:
Sysadmins or any sort of helper staff. We currently have enough people for this and are able to maintain our hardware appropriately.

Feel free to contact me (Killerwife) or MantisLord on any media if you wish to help and have some questions.

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