Enhancement Shaman and how it should have been done

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Enhancement Shaman and how it should have been done

Post#1 » Sun Oct 22, 2017 1:44 pm

Hello all
I always played Enhancement shaman and i played him in a different dps spec than others in vanilla. I went with a more spell dmg spec with elemental fury in the elemental tree. You do more dmg with this spec than a pure strength spec in vanilla.
Pretty much this build: http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#hE0kx0hoZxVbdVMhx
Spell dmg and int as primary attributes. Using Flametongue or frostbrand as weapon enhancement.

I know this is tbc and i actually never went this way in tbc but more strength build. What i wonder if its posible to do the same in tbc. But with dual wield. Build:
http://armory.twinstar.cz/talent-calc.p ... 0000000000

And go spell damage, int as main attributes. And use Flametongue.

This is not a question on what's optimal. This is more a question if it's possible to do in some way.

Reasoning is that i wanted Blizzard to go another route with Enhancement back in the day. I wanted them to rework Windfury to do nature damage instead of physical. Puting out spell damage in melee range not physical. Like actualy they did later expansions with Ascendance and now in legion with a lot of magic damage.

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